Lounge Room Makeover

Wendy Huang is a lifestyle / fashion blogger (wengie.com) and the proud owner of a one-bedroom apartment where she resides and works, often filming for her blog. Pre-makeover, Wendy’s lounge room was overrun with office, lounge and filming equipment. A nonfunctional space, our Howards team could see the potential; and it came in the shape of elfa…

Before Makeover

To fully utilise the main lounge room wall, we installed a large elfa Décor unit in white with mesh baskets. Additional wicker storage baskets were positioned on the top shelf to act as high archive zone while on the shelf below a set of Vinea Baskets, spray painted, add a pop of colour to the system.

After Makeover

HSW: What did you need this lounge room makeover to achieve?

W: “My brief was to create a space where it felt more like me. I film a lot in the space so the most important thing was that the room reflects my personality. Also it needed to be a place to relax and unwind with more living space. I was incredibly happy with the result. It was much better than I ever imagined. When I saw it, I couldn’t hold back my excitement.”

HSW: What was the standout for you/what do you love the most about your new space?

W: “I really love the elfa® storage entertainment unit. I’ve used the storage space so much, it’s become so important to me. I just love everything about the elfa® drawers. Just being able to have storage on the wall with the TV and being able to throw things underneath, when people come over, it’s a lifesaver!!”

HSW: Have you found the elfa® unit easy to use/keep organised?

W: “Yes. There’s so much space. I love the drawers. When they slide out you can see everything, whereas before with regular drawers, because they wouldn’t completely open I’d tend not to use the space at the back of the drawer. With this it’s very easy to see everything instead of trying to reach your arm towards the back of the drawer to feel around for what you’re looking for”.

HSW: Tell me about life since the makeover? What effect has it had on your family and you?

W: “My partner Ash and I are in a 1-bedroom apartment and it’s quite small, but now that it’s been made over it feels a lot bigger. I spend a lot more time at home now. I’m so much more proud and want to invite my friends over. It’s really transformed my life. I’m just a lot happier now. There’s less time spent stressing and being anxious. It’s been really great for me.”

HSW: At Howards we say, if you can see if you’ll use it; has this made a difference in your lounge room space?

W: “Yes! At the same time though, because the drawers are mesh you don’t see the contents of each drawer when friends come over… so that’s been the best part!”

HSW: Has this system been able to save you time?

W: “Definitely. I keep a lot of makeup and hair accessories in my lounge room elfa system. When I’m getting ready for a video it’s easy to get out my things (and put them back as well!). It’s been really convenient.”

HSW: What’s been your biggest learning curve throughout conducting this makeover?

W: “I think the biggest learning curve for me is realizing that I’m responsible for organising my life. It’s something I’ve never really thought about. I’ve changed a lot since this makeover. I’ve matured a lot and feel like I’m at home with taking care of my stuff.”

HSW: If you could give any advice to someone considering a lounge room makeover, what would it be?

W: “My advice would be: stop putting it off and just do it – it’ll change you more than you ever thought possible. Initially, you might think a lounge room makeover is a lot of hassle, with not a whole lot of benefit, but it’s actually quite the opposite. You will be really glad that you did it!”

HSW: What do you think of the spray painted Vinea Storage Baskets?

W: “It’s great that they’ve customised the baskets! It just goes to show how easy it is to add a pop of colour into a space. It’s created a really nice backdrop for me to film in. There are now a few different areas so I can film towards different angles, which is great. I’m so happy.”

If you would like more information about elfa from Howards Storage World, view the elfa section of the Howards website which includes picture galleries, planning guides and more resources such as installation videos. Click HERE.


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