Organising the crockery cupboard – The Organised Housewife

The crockery cupboard; it’s one of those places that wind up filled with everyday bowls and plates, platters, plastic cutlery and party extras; as well as those inherited ‘don’t know what to do with but can’t throw them out either’ plates from beloved grandparents. So how can we best organise the crockery cupboard so that it’s neat, tidy and easily accessible? We caught up with Howards Ambassador, The Organised Housewife to get her take on the matter…

A well-versed organiser, The Organised Housewife pulled everything out of the two level cupboard and started with a good clean and a purge of items she no longer needed. Soon after, she determined what items she would need to regularly access and then used the following Howards solutions to organise the space:

The Top Shelf:

A 2 Tier Flat Wire Chrome Shelf instantly created a second tier of storage space for special plates and platters. The extra level of storage takes the pressure off the stacked items and helps to prevent chipping!

An Expandable Shelf was incorporated into the back of this cupboard to create another two tiers of storage for dessert bowls and extra dishes.

High access crockery such as bowls and plates sit in front of these space maximising solutions.

The Bottom Shelf:

A Vinea BBQ Caddy is home for napkins, straws and plastic cutlery. Easy to access, this solution can be very easily transported from the cupboard to the table when needed.

But the piece de résistance is the elfa Easy Glider with Mesh Drawer, which stores essential kitchen appliances. This drawer enables The Organised Housewife to utilise the full depth of the cupboard and easily access the very back of the drawer.

Two Sterilite Stacking Baskets fit stacked on top of each other in the back of the drawer further maximising the in-drawer storage space.

Rearranging the crockery cupboard has had a knock on organisational effect for the Organised Housewife. All the extras that were removed from the crockery cupboard are now stored neatly in the top of her pantry (where, incidentally, there was extra space after purging a number of kitchen appliances!) in Clara Organiser Baskets.

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