Pantry – Before & After

Alongside the wardrobe, the pantry is one of the highest accessed cupboards within any home. By having it organised it will save you time, will help keep your inventory under control and in return reduce waste and ultimately make cooking time more enjoyable for all members of the household.

Miguel Pantry before

Every household’s pantry is different. You may be faced with a one shelf pantry or be lucky enough to have a complete walk-in storeroom. Whatever the space is like, your local Howards store can help you organise it.

Miguel is lucky enough to have great pantry space that is built into the wall under the stair well. There were a few elements that became obvious when opening the door for the first time;

  • The family’s pots and pans along cake tins and the all-important range of Paella dishes are stored within their pantry
  • Having little children means having suitable food and snacks for them and within Miguel’s pantry there an array of items perfect for the youngest member of the family
  • Miguel and his family already utilise some of Howards products and systems including OXO Pops to store their dry ingredients and the Rubbermaid roll out shelves.

When we stopped to look at Miguel’s pantry we all noted that it had an easy flow to it however with a few minor tweaks it and the introduction to some handy organising helpers it could be organised better and help with keeping the pantry in order for longer.

We started by SORTING through the contents of the pantry and grouping ‘like’ items together e.g. baby food and snacks, Spices, Condiments, Coffee Pods, Oils etc.

Here in the before shot you can clearly see the minor groupings that Miguel had already installed into his pantry….


With a few minor tweaks and a flick of the Howards organising wand the pantry was SOLVED.

To get you started we have developed a checklist to help you organise your pantry. Click here to download.