The Garage Makeover

Keen to create a man cave you can be proud of? The garage tends to house some fairly heavy-duty equipment so it makes sense that you require a heavy-duty organisation solution. It’s time to Stop, Sort and Solve your way through the overhaul.

Step 1: STOP

Assess how the garage needs to service your home. Is this just a space for your car or does it need to perform as storage shed as well? Decide what can be designated to other areas of the home, for example, under the house or in the back shed?

Step 2: SORT

The key to a fully functional space is to keep items organised and easy to access. But first things first, decide which items should be kept and which can be discarded or donated to charity. The garage tends to be the last resting place for much-acquired memorabilia and tools so be ruthless! If you haven’t used it in the last 2 years, get rid of it!  Remember to properly dispose of old paint and oil cans.

Step 3: SOLVE

The simple solution is to make the most of vertical space with a framework like elfa, create “zones” within your garage and store ‘like’ items together.

elfa Utility uses the standard elfa top track in conjunction with some seriously innovative hooks and holders.

Ventilated shelves are ideal in damp, moist areas. Add elfa ventilated shelves and drawers to create a flexible solution.

Store other items in stackable plastic boxes with locking lids; you will be able to immediately see what’s inside. Items used most often should be stored at eye level or below while seasonal items and any dangerous chemicals should be kept on higher shelves.

Every organised garage needs a set of Tubtrugs. So versatile, they’re great for storing items such as sports equipment and smaller gardening essentials.

Remember to label your boxes and Tubtrugs; it will help to easily identify those hard-to-find items.


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