The Living Room Kids Rooms & Laundry

We’ve been at it again! Our Howards Expert Organisers recently teamed up with Barry Du Bois’ Reno Team from Channel 10’s The Living Room, along with US organising and declutter expert Peter Walsh. Together we created an organised kids wardrobe and laundry solution for a young family with 4 children…what a privilege and what a makeover!

Eileen and Dave are wonderful parents to four great kids. To set the scene, try imagining the amount of washing and toys that would equate to having four children. Couple this with well-intentioned friends and family who were passing on endless amounts of “hand me downs” and our young family were quite literally drowning in kids clothes and toys. It was having an effect on the kid’s rooms and of course, their laundry area.

Our aim was to make the space this family had, more appropriate and usable.

Once the rooms had been professionally decluttered, our team stepped in with a fantastic storage solution:

Room 1 – The Laundry:

A Large 3 Divider Laundry Cart was incorporated as a pre-sorting zone. With a hamper for lights, darks and delicates this immediately took the pressure off the pre-sorting stage. A folding/distribution station took form from an elfa 10 Runner Frame with white mesh baskets. Eileen and Dave were allocated a 3 runner drawer each, while the kids each received a 2 runner drawer which was big enough to store their freshly washed clothes, yet light enough for each of the kids to take back to their rooms to unload. Each drawer was labeled so it was clear what clothes/drawer belonged to which family member.

Room 2 – Boys Room:

For the bulk of the makeover, we used the existing built in wardrobe space as the ‘shell’ to this solution and filled it with easy to access products that would maximise the storage space available (and not a garbage bag filled with clothes in sight!). Inside the cupboard we used:

To store additional toys within the room we used a number of brightly coloured Lego Bricks.

Room 3 – Girls Room:

With two girls sharing one room, maximising storage space in their one wardrobe was essential. Similarly to the their brothers room, we used the existing built in cupboard space as the ‘shell’ to house the girls custom elfa wardrobe system. This system included a centralized tower of baskets for the girls to share; and on either side we included hanging space and additional drawers for each of the sisters! In addition to the elfa system we used Grey Wicker Baskets and Trunks (great for archive space!) along with Flocked Hangers in the wardrobe. What’s so great about this elfa system is that it’s fully customisable and can be adapted, as each of the girls needs change.

Around the room we used U-Shaped Lacquered Shelves to hold the girls favourite books. Functionality wise, they work perfectly as a bookshelf and they’re also a great way to decorate a wall!

So what did Eileen and Dave think of it all? Well the makeover was quite simply, incredible. The family were thrilled by the change that was made; each toy and item of clothing is now stored in its own well-organised space and Eileen as well as the kids can now find what they’re looking for in an instant. Along with our organisational solutions, The Living Room Reno Team added instant glamour by giving the rooms warmth and aesthetic appeal.

Thanks to The Living Room and to Eileen and Dave for having us in their home. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the result!

Watch the story HERE.

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