The Living Room Makeover with wendy Huang

Before Makeover

Wendy Huang is a lifestyle / fashion blogger ( and the proud owner of a one-bedroom apartment where she resides and works, often filming for her blog. Pre-makeover Wendy’s and her partner Ash’s home was overrun with “stuff”. A nonfunctional space, our Howards Expert Organisers alongside Barry Du Bois’ Reno Team from Channel 10’s The Living Room and US organising and declutter expert Peter Walsh could see the potential; and the organising solution came in the shape of elfa®…

As Howards Organisational expert, Cathy Player explains, “The opportunity throughout the apartment was clearly the vertical wall space where visually appealing elfa® units could house this young couple’s items.”

Once the rooms had been professionally decluttered, our team stepped in with an elfa solution for the living room, the bedroom and the hallway.

Here’s how we did it:

Room 1 – The Living Room:

To utilise the vertical wall space we installed one large elfa unit complete with white décor trims and mesh baskets. Storage baskets were positioned on top of the unit and act as the high archive zone; while on the shelf below spray painted Vinea Baskets add a pop of colour to the system.

Get The Look:

Room 2 – The Bedroom

We created an elfa wardrobe solution for Wendy in the bedroom with walnut trim décor, white wicker storage baskets, clear shoe drawers and slim line flocked hangers. Ash’s wardrobe overhaul came in the form of a separate in-wardrobe solution. Underbed shoeboxes store the couples extra shoes, while an Over-The-Door 10 Hook provides clever storage space.

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Room 3 – The Hallway:

Again, utilising the vertical wall space we installed an elfa solution with walnut décor shelves. A number of Viola accessories house Wendy and Ash’s go-to office supplies and electrical equipment/leads.

Get The Look:

And what of Wendy’s lifestyle post makeover? “I spend a lot more time at home now,” she says. “I’m proud of my home and want to invite my friends over now. It’s really transformed my life. I’m just a lot happier.”

Thanks to The Living Room and to Wendy and Ash for having us in their home. We were thrilled to be part of this life changing makeover.

Watch the story HERE.

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