Tween Makeover

The Howards Team worked together with Katrina from The Organised Housewife to makeover her 11 year-old son’s wardrobe. See what she thinks of his new elfa wardrobe solution.



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There’s nothing quite like a good makeover. There’s the wonderful reaction of the lucky recipient for starters; and knowing that functionally the designated space has been extraordinarily changed for the better means we’ve done our job well. For this catalogue we teamed up with the Organised Housewife to makeover her tween son’s wardrobe. Post makeover we reviewed the result with Katrina to explore whether the new and improved wardrobe fitted her and her son’s wish list.

What prompted your son’s tween wardrobe makeover?

“My son is 11 years old now and his clothes are getting bigger and bulkier. He’d outgrown the previous clothes system that we had for him; his clothes just weren’t fitting in.”

Did you have any ‘absolutely can’t do without’ requests?

“What I really love in all of my kid’s wardrobes is that we don’t pair socks and we don’t fold underwear, we have a basket for these items. I really wanted this new solution to incorporate this. I knew I wanted to use the elfa® system, so I sat down with Ian from the Howards Helensvale store, told him what I’d hoped for and he put the design together. It was so easy; the baskets that I wanted to use were in-store so we literally grabbed them off the shelf and we were able to determine exactly how high the shelves needed to be in order to accommodate them. We did it all in-store.”

Did you go through the Howards Stop, Sort & Solve process?

“We did; we haven’t had a really good tidy in his wardrobe for so long and because he’s at the tween age, there was a lot that we could get rid of, particularly toys and clothes he’d outgrown. We donated quite a lot and threw out what needed to be thrown out as well.”

How has this new system made a difference to your son?

“My kids put their own clothes away; however, my son has low motor skills and he finds it really hard to put things on coat hangers. We replaced all the child hangers with adult flocked hangers so he can put the clothes on and they won’t slip off. He’s worked out really quickly how to do it and it’s made a huge difference. We’ve been able to increase the amount of hanging space in the wardrobe with those hangers too.”

How easy will it be for your son to keep his wardrobe organised?

“There’s now no excuse for it to be untidy! We’ve included elfa drawers for teddies and sleep over gear and the shelves ensure that everything is easy to see and reach.On the top of the shelves we’re storing out of season clothing; and we’ve included boxes for his special keepsakes. There’s not really any space for him to create clutter piles. There’s no reason for it to get messy.”

Can you see that this system will be able to save him time?

“What it will do is stop him going “muuuum, where’s my….” – with the new system nothing can get lost here. Everything has a place and I think it’ll make it really easy for him when he’s finished playing with something or wearing it, he can easily put it back where it belongs.”

How will this system evolve through his tween years and beyond?

“He goes to high school next year and he’ll need to have nice crisp ironed trousers and wear a tie so we’ve incorporated a long hanging area in his wardrobe for those items. Even though he’s not at high school yet, in the design we’ve been able to allow for it.”

Was the design, measure and installation process time efficient?

“The installation was so quick. I was surprised with how quick it was. We designed it in store and Ian came out and had it done within 30 minutes.”

Like to know more about elfa®?

If you would like more information about elfa® from Howards Storage World CLICK HERE to view the elfa® section of the Howards’ website which includes suggested solutions, individual components, accessories, assembly instructions and warranty information.

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What is elfa®?

elfa is a customized shelving system designed and built in Sweden that is engineered to be flexible enough for use in any room in the home or office.

Why elfa®?

  • Customise to fit any space
  • White or platinum finish
  • Timber trims (Birch, Walnut, White)
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Free design, measure and quote available

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