Miguel’s Pantry Revisited

Exclusive Interview

Recently Howards cooked up a practical new pantry makeover for celebrity chef Miguel Maestre and his wife Sascha. After 3 months, we revisited to interview Sascha about how their pantry makeover is performing.

How has the panty stood up to the rigors of domestic life?

“It really has been amazing,” Sascha begins – and her enthusiasm is infectious. “Unbelievable, actually. We’ve got more space, it looks great, and the best part is having everything right in front of you. It’s been organised so well, meal preparation is faster… and we’re trying to be very good about putting everything back where it was – trying!”

Making the most of the user-friendly storage solutions, Sascha is already finding new ways to store the kitchen basics.

What are some of the products that offer real user friendly storage solutions?

“I absolutely love the OXO airtight containers. They look good, you can label them – they’re pretty fabulous. I’m storing flour, rice and all my drystores into them. Food’s lasting longer now, which is great.”

And while cutting down on waste and saving money has been a big plus, there are elements to the new system that are particularly close to Sascha’s heart…

Is there anything about your new look pantry that you really love?

“I have a huge crush on the spice rack. It’s all eye level and in alphabetical order. And the Marie Baskets – I’m totally in love with those. You can just pull them out and instantly see what’s in your pantry, even the stuff up the back. I don’t have things in the pantry that are three years old. And I don’t double up on things now when I go grocery shopping. I use the baskets in the fridge as well – can’t get enough of them.”

What are some of Miguel’s favourites?

 “My husband loves his kitchen gadgets, but he’s become a little obsessed with the Flavia Vacuum containers because they come with their own pumps. It’s a guy thing I think.”

You can tell if a makeover has been particularly successful if it inspires someone to clean.

“I have to admit, before the makeover, I didn’t clean the pantry as much – it was such a hassle having to pull everything all out. But now I actually enjoy giving the shelves a quick wipe – it’s so much easier than before. Crazy isn’t it?”

Sascha has become so enamoured with the new pantry, she’s been known to give family and friends impromptu ‘tours’ of the new system.

“I’ve shown off the pantry so much and everybody loves it. I’ve even had a couple of friends who’ve gone out and bought exactly what I have, even the noticeboard on the back of the door. And my lovely sister is so jealous – can’t blame her, though.”

Final Thoughts?

Needless to say, the Maestres have well and truly bonded with their new pantry and the storage conveniences it provides.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results. If you have a chaotic pantry, go to Howards now, now, now – and get organised! They have such fabulous ideas and solutions… you won’t recognise yourself – or your pantry!”