A New Year, A NEW WAY!

  5 Simple fixes to get you organised for the year ahead

A New Year, brings promise of a fresh start. For instance, it can be overwhelming when we set ourselves goals that are out of reach or a little too hard with the time and resources we have available. Therefore, we feel we have failed before the year has really begun, and that’s not a great way to start a new year!

For example, simple fixes around the home, can make a big difference to how we feel in our home. Likewise, if you have a space that isn’t working for you, a complete overhaul is not always needed, a simple fix can be the answer.


The Entrance

Location, Location, Location! It all starts at the entrance, we walk into our homes, usually through the front door or the garage, we drop our bags and our coats and mess ensues.

For example, coat stands. Why did we ever stop using them? In minutes you can you can have your coats hung, bags off the floor, umbrellas easily locatable, and hats no longer lost or getting crushed in a corner.

Likewise, a good coat and hat rack is well balanced, yet slim enough not to be an obstacle. Therefore, it should also have sufficient prongs for your families needs.

Alternatively create an Easy-Build  station for your shoes, hats, jackets and keys.
Therefore, add extra shelves for more shoe storage; create an in/out zone for accessories and use timber hangers to protect jackets.

Besides, the beauty of Easy-Build is it’s freestanding and completely adjustable. Moreover, it is made from triple coated chrome and comes with a 10 year warranty. For example, this Easy-Build Entrance Custom Build solution is W91 x D30 x H180cm and is an easy DIY project.

easy-build welcome entry with shoe storage


Your Fridge

Sorting your fridge is one of those tasks you can do quickly without breaking the bank. An organised fridge can save you money every day by minimising waste and avoiding double ups.

Just by adding a few key organisers, grouping your condiments, and having everything easily accessible, will make cooking so much easier and inspire your inner chef!

Two of our favourite organisers for the fridge are:

The Marie Storage Basket is available in 2 sizes, these organisers are an inexpensive and practical solution that will bring instant order to your fridge. Group items such as condiments, sauces and yogurts.  The large handle makes it easy to pull-out, the high sides keep items tidy and it made from easy to clean food safe plastic. These are simply brilliant!

The Amalie Pull-out Organiser is available in 2 sizes, narrow and wide. They use the depth of your fridge and create a drawer, allowing you to group items and keep them tidy and contained. They have an easy grip handle at the front and two rear wheels so they slide out easily.


Sort Your Drawers

When it comes to organising your drawers, it’s easy to achieve a maximum outcome for minimum effort. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom drawers, this is a quick project that’ll have you wondering why you didn’t do tackle it sooner…

From deep drawers, spice drawers to bathroom drawers, we have a simple solution for you. Not sure where to start?  Why not bring your drawer in,  or take a pic and some measurements and we”ll work out the puzzle together!

If your not sure, take a guess, as we have a simple returns policy!

Get ready to divide and conquer!


The Problem : Messy and Hard to find things


Solution: add an Expandable Bamboo Organiser

Convert your shelf into a drawer

Creating a drawer in a cupboard will allow you to use the space efficiently giving you access to the things at the back of the shelf in one easy pull-out motion. Clever!

Our range of do-it-yourself cabinet organisers such as the elfa Easy-Glider, and simplehuman Cabinet Organisers are created to group items throughout your home and office. These organisers can be affixed to your shelf  and include mounting hardware.


Store your handbags

If you love your handbags you will know that sometimes they are left lying around and are crushed or left at the back of your wardrobe. We invest a lot of money in our accessories, so they are worth storing properly to ensure they maintain their shape, have adequate airflow so they don’t go mouldy and they are kept in tip top condition.

A simple over the door hook with get your hand bags off the floor or the door handle and give you easy access.

Hang your bags on wooden hangers 

A quick fix takes minimal time and effort. If you have a little more time and want to make a bigger impact in your home, here are some before and after makeovers to help inspire you to take on some of  the bigger projects around your home!




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Article published December 2017. Updated February 2021.

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