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Sometimes it needs to come to a crunch point before we can really make a significant change to our homes. This time arrived for David and Heidi – they were ready to overhaul their home office and they were ready for a complete solution. So we sent in the Howards catalogue team who solved the problem with Elfa®.

The challenge with our couple’s study was that it had become the final resting place for a collection of various items, many of which were related to Heidi’s craft business. David, who works from home, had to move his workspace to a desk in the kitchen which often spilled out onto the kitchen table (presenting a noise issue during the day and a collision of sorts come dinner time.)

“David had no other option than to work in the dining room. Because we live in an open plan house with our two children, if he was on a conference call we had to try to be quiet and respectful. I was constantly ‘shooshing’ the children and it was a little frustrating all round. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was just circumstantial to the way we were living.”

Heidi & David were really open to the idea of complete change .

“We were just ready to hand it all over and Howards are the experts so I knew we’d be happy with whatever they created.” So we had the opportunity to totally overhaul the space.

The home office makeover was just one part of the puzzle for Heidi and David. Ground zero of the problem was not having a proper storage area in their garage, which created a ripple effect through their home. By creating a garage storage area, all non-office related items that had encroached on the study could go to their new home within the garage and craft studio; David regained his office space and the family could enjoy their dining room once more.

“The office had become a spare room or storage room where we would put everything and anything. While there were items in there from when it was originally a study, I also used the space to place my craft business items, which grew on top of his things. At one point we were unable to find important medical records. Now we don’t have to have those stressful conversations! Hopefully we never will again!”

The Howard’s team saw the opportunity in David’s study to utilise the beautiful tall ceilings and to create one dedicated office wall made from Elfa in Platinum with Décor walnut timber trims.

“This room needed to be liberated; we needed to create space to enjoy the space. Going upwards and using the vertical space as a storage area rather than the floor made sense. We then streamlined the zones, created the archive area and added deep storage.”

As David and Heidi were putting their items back into their new home on the elfa solution, they were finding items they hadn’t seen in a long while.

“It’s actually now saving us a lot of money because we can see what we have at any given time. Everything is clearly labelled so we’re not purchasing double ups. Being organised saves you money and time. Oh the time we spent looking for things before! Now everything’s labelled, organised and in the right place, we know exactly where everything is. It’s great. We no longer need to rummage through boxes searching for things.”

What’s more, it’s been easy to maintain the organisation in the office.

“Thanks to Howards we’ve got the foundations right, everything has its place and when we bring new documentation into the room it already has a home created, so it’s easy to put it where it belongs. Because we know and feel how lovely it is here in the office, we want to maintain the way it feels.”

Every household accumulates paperwork. Zones are key to liberating your space from the clutter of excess paper.

“While elfa was the backbone of the solution; boxes and baskets hide away obligatory bits and pieces; while the file organisers are a neat way to triage items. Everything in our high archive zone is neatly organised and items we need daily access to are really easy to reach.”

The home office is functioning to its full capacity and David now has a great space to call his own.

“David loves it. It’s his man cave! He closes the door when he takes his conference calls and now the kids can just be kids, he’s happy and he can concentrate. We’re really proud of that room and try to keep the door open as much as possible because as well as its brilliant functionality, it looks so beautiful too.”

This design was created by the Howards Catalogue Team together with an Howard’s Elfa expert who completed a free design, measure and quote for Heidi and David.

If you would like more information about elfa from Howards Storage World, click here to view the Elfa section of the Howards website which includes picture galleries, planning guides and more resources such as installation videos.

Howards offer help in-store too. Bring in your measurements with a few photos to your local store and we’ll help with your design. Alternatively, we can come to you for an obligation free design, measure and quote. Furthermore, Elfa is backed by a 10-year guarantee so you can be confident that it’s built to last.

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