Top Tips for an Organised Nursery

Having a baby is an exciting time. Big changes can be overwhelming and its almost impossible to avoid the chaos that’s heading your way! What is in your control though is a beautifully organised nursery.

Who better to turn to than Professional Organiser Anita Birges to give you her top tips . Lucky for us, Susanne Gray who produces many of Howards videos and is about to have her first baby, was more than willing to turn over her nursery to Anita to showcase her expert advice. The results are so simple, practical and wonderful. She couldn’t have been happier.

Are you ready?? Anita and Suzy are going to take us on a whirl wind Nursery Organisation Blitz!

Top tips for setting up your nursery

Anita points out that all a baby really needs is to be loved, fed, washed and sleep…..and REPEAT!

A well organised nursery helps to maintain a calm, relaxed space. If mum is happy, then its easier to have a happy baby. So the objective is to have everything nicely placed so that its easier to change nappies, feed and put your baby to sleep.

The secret is to create zones in your nursery  and use quality products to help you get baby ready.


You will need to store your cot essentials such as fitted sheets, mattress protectors and blankets close by.

An often forgotten storage area is underneath the cot. Use storage boxes with dividers so you can separate and have easy access to these items.

TOP TIP : Double sheet your cot. Use a mattress protector and sheet, then add another mattress protector and sheet on top. In the middle of the night when you baby has wet through the top sheet and mattress protector, just take it off and you have the next one ready. This tip will carry you through potty training until you have dry nights 🙂

With removable divided compartments as well as a locking lid and wheels.


When you are feeding your baby,  it is so important to have everything at arms reach.

Once you are settled with the baby and feeding, you are loath to disturb this process.

A ladder or shelf is a great idea to store books, burping cloths, so you have easy access.

A side table is a great to house a lamp for soft glow light for those night feeds, and a charging dock so your phone is also handy (especially for those night and early morning feeds).

You will be spending a fair bit of time here, if this is where you choose to do most of your feeding, so get comfortable!!

Zone 3 – Changing Station

A change table come in all shapes and sizes. One with storage is ideal.

If you are lucky to have drawers,  adding organisers will help you utilise the space effectively.

Here we have used the Like-It Stackable Organisers and Dream Drawer Dividers. They will create individual compartments to help you keep the contents organised and easy to access.

Flexibilty here is key. Setting up a system with organisers that can change as your needs change will ultimately save you time and money.

Dream Drawer Dividers are spring loaded to fit the width of your drawer

….A Good Bin

A good Bin that has a foot pedal is ideal for this space. Your hands are normally full with your bundle of joy, so a hands free mechanism is important.

Here we have used a Brabantia 20L NewIcon Pedal Bin. This bin was chosen as it is modern and sleek and comes in an elegant white colour which suited the tones in the room. It is a good size, has a foot pedal, is easy to clean and comes with an amazing 10 year guarantee.

Howards are Bin Specialists, with a huge range of bins as well as custom fit bin liners to choose from, it would be hard to find a bigger selection anywhere else.

See the Howards Bin Range 


Your baby grows sooo fast! It takes only weeks, sometimes days is seems before they grow out of clothes.

If you remove items immediately they are outgrown, you will reduce the clutter and everything that remains is useful.

Setting up an archive zone will help you triage your clothes. Anita suggests tubs labelled 0 to 6 months, 6 to 12 months and 12 to 18 Months.

That way you can keep them ready for next time round 🙂 or pass them on to someone else. So easy!

Label your boxes

The never ending washing

The washing will appear never ending with a baby!

Invest in a hamper that no only looks good but is efficient and easy to use.

See our range of Hampers

Rectangle design fits nicely at the end of the cot.

Has handles, so can be carried straight to the laundry!

 If you are reading this article,  it’s a fair bet that you or someone you know is having a baby soon. From all of us at Howards, we are so excited for you!

If you need help getting organised, we are here.

Congratulations xxx

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