Organised Housewife roadtests the madesmart Drawer Organisers

Katrina – The Organised Housewife

Organised Housewife Head shotBeing organised in the kitchen can save you a world of time. It’s not just the big things, such as how your pantry functions, it’s also about how easy it to find the tools you need in various drawers. To find out more, we spoke to Katrina from The Organised Housewife – one of our favourite blogs. She recently took on the challenge of her sister-in-law’s kitchen drawers – and the amazing results have to be seen to be believed.

What was your top priority when re-organising the drawers?

I just wanted to separate and organise all the utensils to make it easier for my sister-in-law to find what she needed straight away. There was actually a half-empty drawer that could’ve been put to better use – so that’s where I started. She was thrilled that I was organising the drawers – sometimes you just need somebody else’ opinion.

What were some of the challenges you faced?

Well, the size of her drawers were not typical, they were narrow and long – but I used that to my advantage by popping longer utensils in them like the BBQ tongs. Then I utilised all the space up the back of the drawers too – a spot that’s not often used – it’s surprisingly roomy! The madesmart products from Howards were fantastic for separating utensils and creating a neater, tidier drawer.

How quickly were you able to re-organise the drawers?

It only took me about 30 minutes. I emptied the drawers, gave them a quick wipe and then added the madesmart containers that best fit in the drawers. I also did a lot of culling – which always helps when you’re re-organising a space. It doesn’t have to be a long, tedious process at all – and nowhere near as daunting as people may imagine. By the time you’ve baked a cake the tidying is done.

What are some of the traps people fall into when they try – and sometimes fail – to organise their kitchen drawers?

Some people think they need all the utensils they own. By pulling them all out of the drawer and organising them into like items, you can easily see that perhaps you don’t need five wooden spoons!

Name the top three Howards items that can make a dream ‘draw makeover’ a reality.

That’s easy. The extendable madesmart utensil tray is great because it lets you use all the drawer space. I also like the small square madesmart trays – small items can be kept tidy, organised and easy to find. And the Multi-pack drawer organisers that clip together to eliminate them sliding around the drawer – I love them. Actually, the multipack set is great because it allows you to configure any layout to suit the size of the drawer.

How can tidy kitchen drawers speed up meal preparation time?

Usually when a pot is boiling on the stove and you need a spoon to stir it, you’re in a hurry searching through the drawer, but if the drawer is messy and you can’t find it, either the pot will burn or you. With an organised drawer, you should be able to open the drawer up and instantly find your utensil. It’s a safety issue too – you’re not going to cut your fingers looking for that sharp knife in a messy drawer.

Final thoughts on your lightspeed drawer makeover?

I had a ball organising my sister-in-law’s kitchen drawers. But before I left, I peeked into the pantry and thought, wow, I’d love to get my hands on that… And judging from my sister-in-law’s rave reviews on the kitchen drawers – I’m sure she’ll have me back!