Pantry Checklist


How to Organise your Pantry

Following the Howards STOP, SORT, SOLVE process will make any organising project easier.

STOP Identify what the problem is eg.“Can never find the ingredients needed”

SORT Remove everything from your pantry, sort into groups, prioritise which items are most frequently used and need the most accessible space.

SOLVE Using some simple organisation tools from Howards; re-stock your pantry contents, using the groups you formed during the sorting phase.

SORT • When SORTING your food, form them into GROUPS. Here are some groupings to get you started:

  • Cans: Vegetables, Soups, Fruit
  • Vegetables: Onions, Potatoes
  • Packets: Soups, Spices
  • Crackers, Chips, Snacks
  • Jars: Pasta Sauces, Flavour Dinner Bases
  • Drystores: Flours, Rice, Cereals, Pastas, Grains
  • Sauces: Tomato, BBQ, Asian, Vinegars, Dressings
  • Spices
  • Kids Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Pet Food
  • Pots and Pans
  • Sweet Treats, Biscuits
  • Cake Decorating & Baking

SOLVE • Some pantries have limited space, so make the most of the room you have and create ZONES within your pantry.

  • HIGH ACCESS ZONE – Usually eye height, middle shelf
  • RESERVES ZONE – Needs to be easily accessible to replenish depleted items
  • SPICE ZONE – Can be attached to the pantry wall or inner door
  • BULK FOOD STORAGE – Top shelf
  • HEAVY ITEMS ZONE – Bottom shelf


  • This is the area in the pantry that is used most frequently. It is also the area that the kids can
    easily access, so ensure breakfast cereals, spreads & healthy snacks are in easy reach.
  • Maximise your space by using Shelf Helpers to increase visibility.
  • Use caddies like the Linus Pullz range to help keep grouped items together – Great for your
    groups of sauces or packets.


  • The Reserves Zone is for storing all your pasta, rice, cereals and other dry goods.
  • Choose airtight, stackable containers like OXO POP. They come in different shapes and sizes and with a push button air tight seal they will keep your dry goods fresher for longer.
  • Another great option for easy access is the Aamina Easy Access Storer. The big front handle and soft sealing lid make this container so versatile. They are easy to stack and the opaque finish makes it easy to see contents.


  • With a collection of spices it is important to keep them visible and grouped together. This will allow you to see which spices you have before you prep a meal.
  • For those low on pantry space the perfect solution is a wall mounted spice rack. Perfect for inside the pantry door or attached to the wall.
  • Spice Racks come in a range of shelving combinations. Pop in store to see the full range.


  • We all know shopping in bulk will save you money, so this zone will help you house all those bulk items.
  • Bulk food storage is best kept up high and out of the way.
  • Use baskets like the Water Hyacinth to keep grouped items together. If baskets are not your thing, you can use Separator Caddies, or Aamina Easy Access Storer. In a choice of 2 widths (Image below), with high sides and a front handle these are a great caddie for grouping bulk items.


  • Safely store heavy items in the Heavy Zone at the bottom of your pantry.
  • Items like excess water, soft drinks or pet food are best kept in this zone.
  • Using the Separator Caddies with high sides and handles will not only keep bottles from falling over, it will allow you easy access to those hard to reach places at the bottom of the pantry.