Pantry Makeover with Sonia from “Love, Life and Hiccups”

We had such a blast when we teamed up with Life, Love & Hiccups Blogger / Howards Ambassador Sonia to overhaul her garage (previously known as the Pit of Shame!), that we created an opportunity to makeover her pantry. We should preface this by saying that on the surface, Sonia’s kitchen looked pretty neat and tidy; it was a lack of zones/systems behind the doors and drawers that left her kitchen crying out for some TLC. So we sent in the big guns with a STOP, SORT and SOLVE plan that went a little like this…

When we STOPPED to assess what could be better organised, Sonia’s list included the pantry, medicine cupboard, under the sink cupboard, the kitchen drawers and the breakfast cupboard. Each zone required family friendly organisation so there was no time to waste, it was straight to the SORTING stage.

Sonia pulled EVERYTHING out of the above mentioned zones. Everything, including tins from 2006 (no judgment here, we’ve all been there!). Once items were culled and ‘grouped’ into their category (i.e. – medicine/vitamins, breakfast items, under the sink, pantry and utensils it was time to SOLVE this kitchen quandary.

The Breakfast Bar: In the interests of encouraging independence with the kids and saving Sonia time every morning, we created a breakfast bar, which became home to Breakfast ONLY items with the help of Oxo Pops and a Clara Organiser Baskets. Note: We shunned vitamins and medicines from creeping in here! This is specifically the breakfast “go to zone”.

The Utensils Drawer: This was a quick fix zone. After a cull of infrequently used items that were taking up prime real estate, we used a Clutter Buster, an Expandable Utensil Tray and a Mimi Separator Narrow to create ordered drawers the whole family could use and enjoy.

Under The Sink: This area looked like many a pre-makeover “under the sink” zone. Initially, a couple of strategically placed baskets were used to corral items together but it was still cluttered and needing love. The gorgeous Vinea Utensil Cup was used to hold dishwashing tablets, the K Upright Grocery Bag Holder now stores plastic shopping / soon to be bin liners, while one of our Linus Pullz houses liquid soaps and hand creams. Not a lot of effort for a huge amount of gain and now we’ve got an easy to access, highly functional under the sink area.

The Medicine Cupboard: Like all of us Sonia safely stores her medicines up high and out of reach. The most functional way to store these items up high is in a storer with a handle for easy and safe accessibility. We used four of the Aamina 4.8L Easy Access Storers with Handle. And what about those tall items like sun cream? They sit neatly in an  Mimi Separator Narrow . With an integrated handle and high sides, this item is also easy to access and its contents won’t topple out!

Ok, now for the big reveal: The Pantry:

Lets start from the top! Our child friendly, BPA free, airtight and practical Oxo Pop Containers were used in the bulk food storage zone to house a range of dry goods.

In the sorting stage Sonia found a number of out of date supplies as well as multiples of certain items. It was clear this makeover needed to give Sonia increased visibility in her pantry so our trusty Expanding Stepped Organiser with Grip Base was used in the high access zone (3rd shelf from the top!)

Much like the Breakfast Bar, the pantry was to be treated as a place the kids could access themselves which meant removing as much packaging as possible and having items in a range of easy to access storage such as our Amalie Pull Organisers and our Mimi Separators. These are great because they maximise the full depth of your shelves so items don’t go missing at the back of your pantry and they help in grouping like items.

On the underside of this shelf we included a Vinea Undershelf Basket to serve as the additional storage space.

The bottom shelf was allocated to dog and bird food, which was decantered into functional Dog Food Storage and Bird Seed Storage Tins with scoops; as well as a child friendly Medical Tin with bandaids and basic first aid items for accident prone kids.

Finally, a spice zone was created inside the pantry door using a Large Umbra Magnetic Board and Magnetic Spice Cans (which was a big hit with Sonia!)

So, what does Sonia make of all this?

 “Thank you so much to the fabulous Howards team for once again making me come clean about my deep dark storage catastrophes and coming up with some totally awesome solutions for us.”

– We think she’s pretty happy actually!

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For a detailed account of Sonia’s pantry makeover, go to

Click here to download the Pantry Checklist