Howards Pantry Overhaul

With Professional Organiser Anita Birges

Howards teamed up with Professional Organiser Anita Birges for a pantry overhaul for a busy family of four.

The task was to eliminate pantry moths, maximise space and create a system that would be easy to use. This pantry had a mix of drawers and shelves and with the addition of a few key organisers and a little organising know how, they were sorted in no time!



Howards STOP, SORT, SOLVE Philosophy

If simplifying an area in your home is important to your organised journey, use the Howards organisation philosophy.

Work out what areas you would like to improve and get organised in 3 simple steps. STOP, SORT, SOLVE. If you use this methodology when you tackle each space or project, you will find it will help break it down into easy-to-manage stages. Easiest method for a pantry overhaul.

STOP – To truly solve an organisational issue, it takes a considered approach and that’s why this first phase of the process is an important one. Here is where you determine exactly what you would like to achieve. Do you want to save time and effort, it it time to make things easier to find? STOP and ask yourself ‘where’s my opportunity to be better organised?’

SORT – With your project objectives clear in your mind, it’s time to sort and prioritise. Pull everything out from the space and sort your items into three piles; rubbish, donation and items to keep. Organise this last group into sub groups of like items to be stored. Next prioritise the space your items deserve. items you use the most deserve the most accessible space and items rarely used should be archived.

SOLVE – This is the fun stage. By choosing appropriate organisers, you can create a system that champions accessiblity and visibility. Remember if you can see it, you will use it. so with that in mind, if you need help to solve a problem, we are always happy to help. All of our products have been selected to make your life easier, and our in-store staff love a challenge!

Pantry Shelves

In this pantry we used the Felli Flip Tite Containers for dry food storage on the shelves.  They are modular and stack,  so will utilise the shelf space. They feature an easy open and close ring top that simply flips up allowing you to open, and flips down to close securely.

The containers are clear to make it easy to see contents, and made from a durable  acrylic with a silicone seal for freshness.  Flip Tite containers come in a large range of sizes, look good and work well in any kitchen.


madesmart Expanding Shelf Organiser is a smart way to utilise the height and cupboard space in your pantry. It has a stepped design making it easier to see taller items at the back.

Moreover, it is also expandable which can adjust to the space you have. It will reduce the clutter in your pantry and help you view items easily which can reduce overstocking and save you money.

Drawers in a Pantry

Drawers are common in pantries these days. The secret is to separate and group items so you create ordered sections.

Drawer 1

The top drawer in this pantry is quite shallow. Here we have used a solution for spices which utilised the space perfectly.

The Spice Expand-A-Drawer is designed to expand to the width of your drawer. Also holds different sized jars and as a result gives you easy access to your pre-packaged spices.

Fits drawers 45.7cm and deeper and will expand in width from 30cm out to 60cm. Made from quality plastic and is super easy to clean.



Spice Expand-A-Drawer Closed


Spice Expand-A-Drawer In Drawer

Drawers 2 and 3

For deep drawers, the way to keep them tidy is to use organisers that will group and separate items. High sides give you defined sections and easy access.

Here we have used Pantry Organising Mesh Baskets. These come in a range of sizes and heights and are perfect in drawers.





Using containers with clear lids will allow you to see contents easily. Removing products from their original packaging and placing them in airtight containers creates order and also keeps items fresh. Here we have used Felli Loc Tite Food Containers These come in a great range of sizes.

Felli Lock Tite Containers
Felli Loc Tite Containers
Felli Loc Tite Containers

If you are ready for a Pantry overhaul of your own, come into store, bring some pictures of your space and some measurements of your pantry.

We will be happy to help find the best organisers for your space.

Need shelving? Howards are shelving experts. Ask us for a FREE design session to create the perfect pantry for your needs.

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