Organise your Saucepans

How to Solve the Number 1 Problem in the Kitchen

By Amy Kennedy Professional Organiser

Amy Kennedy is a Professional Organiser behind ‘The Organising Bee’. She likes checklists, spreadsheets and plans, especially when it comes to pots and pan storage. She thrives on order and routine and gets a buzz out of helping others and giving back to her local community – all major influences in her decision to set up The Organising Bee. Amy is also a member of the Institute Of Professional Organisers (IOPO) International. If you would like some help to organise your home you can find Amy at or if you are looking for an Organising Professional in your area go to

There are some universal challenges that almost all households face when storing items in our kitchens. Most of these centre around the most practical way to organise the items that we use most frequently, like our pots and pans, chopping boards, and the ever-multiplying supply of grocery bags. Here, we will explore multiple solutions for pots and pan storage.

Ways to Organise Your Saucepans and Fry Pans

There is no single “best” method when organising pots and pan storage, as not all organising systems work for all people. For the space to be functional for your needs, there are many factors that you will need consider before jumping in. Your goals, lifestyle, the size of kitchen and how you use it, and which items are used most commonly and by whom are just a few of the key factors for consideration.

It’s our natural instinct to save space by stacking our pots and pans, however, this can lead to scratching of the surface of the pans and requires significantly more effort each time you wish to use and put away the item.

Even with the smallest of kitchens, there are multiple ways that you can solve the chaos of the pots and pans cupboard or drawer without stacking, that are both functional and can save you time when working in the kitchen.

Double Your Storage Space With Shelves

An inexpensive and quick way to double your shelf space without any permanent alterations is to add a few shelf helpers into your cupboard.  This allows you to sit each saucepan separately on a shelf making it simple for you to reach the one that you need with a single hand.



Try storing your fry pans and lids vertically

The addition of the shelf helpers works particularly well as a smart solution in a corner cupboard in combination with a pot and lid organiser for organising both fry pans and lids on their side.

These Organsing Racks are perfect for frying pans, lids or chopping boards.

Use the inside of the cupboard door

If you are low on shelf space, consider attaching a saucepan lid holder to the inside of the door. That way your pot lids are always easy to reach when you need them without taking up any valuable real estate on your shelf.

Update Your Kitchen By Adding A Drawer To An Existing Cupboard

Simplehuman Cabinet Organisers CAS_1

Storing your pots and pans in drawers is a very practical and functional solution, provided that they are not overloaded. Only keep the saucepans and fry pans that you are actually using. If you don’t have a modern style kitchen, you can still enjoy the convenience of modern kitchen drawers without the high cost of a full kitchen make over. You can easily add a pull-out cabinet organiser that will transform your cupboard shelf into a modern and practical drawer to store all your pots and pans at a relatively low cost.

If using a drawer, you can add drawer dividers and an anti-slip mat to avoid the pots moving around each time you close the drawer.

Whatever way you choose to organise your pots and pans, remember a good and efficient organising system is easy to maintain and ideally can be used with a single hand.

Howards would like to thank Amy from the Organising Bee for sharing her tips in the kitchen!

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Article updated February 2021.