Prep Your Space For Santa’s Stash – 5 Quick Ideas

The magic of Christmas is all but upon us, which means the annual toy cull is here too! It’s time to sift out those toys the kid’s no longer use, clear out items that have missing or broken pieces and create space to hide Santa’s stash. Finding the ultimate hiding spots is half the fun but don’t wait until the rush of December. Christmas organising is one job you can tick off your list now… Ready?

Creating new spaces:

  1. The Toy Cull
  2. Clear Out The Laundry
  3. Overhaul Your Bookshelf
  4. Create Underbed Stash Space
  5. Order a Council Clean Up!

1. The Toy Cull

Sorting the classic toys from the ones they no longer want, will naturally help to create space and reduce clutter within your home. It also enables you to conduct a toy inventory, so you can determine what toys the kids already own and what you may need to purchase.

Optimally, you can ask the kids to make a pile of toys they no longer play with. Alternatively, if they’re too young or seem to equally adore every single one of their 25 stuffed toys, do this when they’re at school or at childcare.

Before starting, create: donate, toss, sell or give away piles.

If you’re online savvy, websites such as Gumtree, ebay and Facebook are popular for selling toys and kids clothes.

Consider though, if you place a reasonable price on each item, you’re more likely to sell items and have money in your pocket faster – which can go towards potential Christmas presents!

Alternatively donating old (yet quality) toys to charity is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Remember not to include broken toys, just the ones another child would love to receive. Easiest way to start Christmas organising.

4. Create Underbed Stash Space

Dust-free, clutter-free under bed spaces are so much better for lungs and airways; so as part of your pre-christmas tidy up clean underbed spaces and at the same time create another hiding place. They’re perfect for storing long wrapped parcels or flat objects that are bulky and bound to be discovered by our little sneaks.

You might need under bed containers to help with the disguise or throw a blanket over the goodies. Take care if this is a popular spot for your children in a game of hide and seek, you don’t want to ruin the surprise of Christmas if you can help it. Some under bed spaces are better than others for Santa’s stashes, so do your research on which bedroom is going to be the ‘hot spot’ and keep your eyes peeled for spoil-sports!

5. Organise a Council Cleanup

Fingers crossed you haven’t used up your council clean up days! It’s a great opportunity to clear an enormous amount of space from under the house and in your garage, ridding your home of broken toys, unwanted bedding and clothing.

If you have unwanted toys or items that are still in good condition, you can always pop them on the clean up pile to be gleefully discovered by local families who can put them to good use or wrap them up for Christmas!

With this job done, you’ll feel relieved of your clutter and ready for the silly season.

Good luck with the season ahead knowing that your home is clear of clutter and those sneaky clean spaces are ready for stashing Christmas gifts. Then you can move onto the other big questions like who is cooking Christmas lunch!

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Updated March 2021.