Prepare your Christmas Meal Plan

There’s something about Christmas Day and the menu! No other food throughout the year ever really tastes the same as the traditional home cooked Christmas Day fare; there’s always an abundance of it, we always over eat it and having leftovers seems to be a Boxing Day prerequisite. Brilliant isn’t it? Whether you’re having a sit down meal or a buffet style celebration, getting prepared early will take the pressure off Christmas Day.

Here’s how:

  • Keep it simple

    Unless you have the opportunity to trial something a little more complex in the weeks leading up to Christmas, try to avoid attempting a difficult new recipe on Christmas morning.

  • Check dietary requirements

    Ensure everyone’s health! When you’re putting your menu together, check with your guests to see if they’re allergic to any specific foods or have any special dietary requirements.

  • Consolidate your recipes

    Once you’ve decided on your menu, print out your recipes and keep them together in an easy to access folder. Triple-check how many people each recipe will serve to ensure you have enough food for the masses.

  • Consult your kitchen

    Make sure you have all the appliances, utensils and platters required to get the job done! If you’ve overcommitted your oven or stovetop, consider changing your menu so you can comfortably manage and prepare.

  • Review your recipes

    Review each of your recipes and make a list of all the ingredients you’ll need. If you split your list into (a) fresh produce and (b) dry goods, you can purchase your pantry items well in advance. Fresh produce should be bought on Christmas Eve (or the day before).

  • Clean your fridge and pantry

    There’s going to be a lot of extra food and drink in the kitchen so ensure you’re working with an organised, clean slate. At the same time, do an inventory of your containers cupboard/drawer, throw out any old or broken containers and if required, purchase additional containers for leftovers.

  • Pre-cook what you can

    If you can prepare any food the day before or arrange your prep and have chopped items in containers ready to be thrown together on the day, you’ll be one step ahead. If any items require defrosting, ensure this is done a day or two prior to Christmas.

  • Clean all serving dishes and cutlery

    In the week leading up to Christmas, pull out your serving dishes, plates, glasses and cutlery; give everything a good clean and make note of any additional items you might need to purchase.

  • Accept help!

    If your friends and family are willing to help out, delegate certain portions of the menu for them to bring along. Sharing the load on Christmas Day will ensure everyone has a great time and the preparation doesn’t fall on one person.

Merry Christmas and Happy Menu Planning!

Download your Christmas Meal Plan:

This simple Meal Planner has been designed for you to either fill in by hand (PDF format) or you can type into the document using the Word format. Either way, it will visually keep you on track as to “who” is cooking “what” and “when” it need to be served. It’s a simple way of staying organised.

PDF Format (to print out and fill out by hand)

Word Format (ready for you to type in the details)

This Christmas gather your loved ones, lay on a feast and celebrate!

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