Product Review: Trolley Bags

Makes shopping EASY!

Rolls up for transportation

Cooler Bags also available!

Reusable Trolley Shopping Bags

No More Plastic Bags! This is one of the most interesting products to hit the market in a long time. Why? Because it takes the age old idea of a shopping bag and totally redesigns it to suit modern concerns for:

  1. The Environment
  2. Ergonomics
  3. AND Saving Time

So let’s find out more!

How Trolley Bags Work

Using the trolley bag is really easy.

  • At the Shop

    Hang the bags at the back of your trolley and shop as normal

    23239_CRS01-shopping-trolly-bag-2 C

  • At the Checkout

    Load groceries on the conveyor, simply rack the trolley bags into your emptied trolley and pull out to open them up.

    23240_CRS01-shopping-trolly-bag-3 c23241_CRS01-shopping-trolly-bag-4 C

  • Ready to Load

    After scanning, load the groceries into their bags. Use your own colour code system to sort items into groups. However it’s a good idea to put heavier items into the shallower bag at the front.

    23242_CRS01-shopping-trolly-bag-5 C

  • At the Car

    Simply separate bags along the velcro fastening strip and lift the bags into your car. Only 4 bags to take into the house rather than the usual 10 plastic bags, that then need to be recycled. Much better for the environment.

    23242_CRS01-shopping-trolly-bag-6 C

Shallow Trolley Bags Express – Vibe

For the shallower trolleys.

Shallow Trolley Bags Express are designed particularly for small food shoppers or for those mid-week shops, each Trolley Bag is constructed with a vibrant coloured canvas top section and a netted bottom in order to easily see which groceries are in which bags. The rods of each bag measure at 66cm wide each which suits most supermarket trolleys, and each bag is sized slightly differently to accommodate the slant in trolleys.

Trolley Bags Cooler Bag

This addition to Trolley Bags is a handy insulated Trolley Bags Cooler Bag that works in conjunction with the original Reusable Trolley Shopping Bags (sold separately at Howards) and rolls up in a neat package for you to take into the supermarket! To use, place inside your original Trolley Bag 1 (blue bag at the front). Once full, your Cooler Bag can be zipped up and removed from the trolley with (blue) bag 1 handles. 1 year warranty.

We checked out the Trolley Bag Website and thought that the following FAQ’s were really useful:

Trolley Bag FAQ’s

  • What are they made from? The material part of the bag is made from the same non-woven material as similar bags. The mesh component is made from the same netting that can be found in travel cots, ensuring optimum strength.
  • Can they be washed? Yes. The plastic rods can be removed through the openings on each bag, and the bags can be machine washed.
  • What size trolleys do they fit into? As long as the trolley you are using does not exceed 66cm in width, which is the width of the rods at the tops, then they will work perfectly fine.
  • What weight can each bag hold? We do not specify an exact weight that the bags can hold. However, we are confident in saying that each bag will be able to hold what you are prepared to carry.
  • Can they be used with a child in the seat of the trolley? Yes. The Trolley Bags will just bunch up a little more at the front of the trolley, or you can use one less bag.

The Verdict

We’ll cut to the chase… this product deserves a major thumbs up as it is so clever. Any invention that saves you time is worthy of serious consideration. It’s probably most useful if you are shopping at a supermarket with a long conveyer belt (as the trolley needs to be empty to expand it out). But overall it’s design and construction is very thoughtful and easy to use. We also like that it’s washable with the rods removed.

Here’s one last interesting fact – it was invented by an Irishman for his wife!

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