Quick Mini Makeover

There’s a common misconception that to ‘makeover’ parts of your home you need to set aside a large portion of time. Certainly when tackling bigger projects like the garage and your kitchen an investment of time is needed, but we’ve come up with a number of budget friendly makeovers that will help you to transform your space in a FLASH! From your fridge and bathroom vanity to your office and toy room, it’s mini makeover that will make a big difference to the way your household runs.

Whether we’re embarking on a big or small makeover, here at Howards we use the Stop, Sort and Solve methodology; and we encourage you to do the same. Before pulling anything out of a cupboard or rushing off to buy an organiser, STOP and consider what the specific problem is with the space you’re about to makeover. Ask yourself – what do I need to do to improve this area?

With your firm goal in mind, it’s time for the SORT phase and this is where you’re going to need to roll your sleeves up. Generally speaking we pull everything out of the space we intend to makeover, throw away items that are broken and create a donate pile for those things you no longer need. We then sort what’s left into similar groups. Once you can see what you have left to store, the SOLVE phase begins. Let’s go!

Fridge Mini Makeovers

There’s a lot of money to be saved when your fridge is organised. You see, a tightly packed fridge makes it easy to “lose” food to the depths of your space but it can also repress airflow around food and make some produce “turn” earlier than it should. So how do we combat that? It really comes down to three key elements; accessibility, a quality container system; and keeping your food fresh!

Top Tip: Create Accessible Space on your Fridge Shelves

Handy items such as Howards Marie Storage Baskets and Howards Clara Organisers will not only group similar items, they will utilise the full depth of your fridge shelf; provide a ventilated environment for your food, and create a quick and easy way to access what you’re after, when you need it!

Get Smart with your Container System

Clear, stackable containers such as OXO Greensavers, Décor Match-up storers, Snapware Airtight and Tellfresh containers provide an airtight, leak proof way to store cold meats, cheese, prepped fruit and veg as well as leftovers. Remember if you can see it, you’ll eat it!

Decor Match Ups available in glass or plastic

Glass has become the “in choice” for food storage.

Decor Tellfresh Containers

Add tags to keep control of use by dates. A great basic container system and Howards stocks many sizes.

Remember Fresh is BEST

Have you heard of Keep Fresh? This gem will literally keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 6 weeks longer. You see, Keep Fresh ensures your produce retains their vital nutrients for longer! To use, simply place the Keep Fresh cartridge in your refrigerator to prolong the life of your fruit and veggies, to reduce wastage and to save money. This little ditty will work for 3 months in your refrigerator. At the end of 3 months, simply refill with the Keep Fresh refill pack (available at Howards).

See our Fridge and Freezer range here.

Drawer Makeover

When it comes to organising your drawers, it’s easy to achieve a maximum outcome for minimum effort. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom drawers, this is a quick project that’ll have you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner…

Get ready to divide and conquer!


The Problem: Messy and hard to find anything.

Drawer Makeover Tips:

At Howards, we love it when you achieve organised bliss in your home. So here are 3 quick ways you can make getting your drawers organised a little bit easier…

  1. Bring your drawer into a Howards store and let us help you work out your drawer organiser puzzle with you.
  2. Take a photo of your drawer and bring it into store with measurements
  3. Buy expanding organisers as they are easy to fit
  4. Take a guess! Because Howards has a simple returns policy.

Modular Deep Drawer Organisers

Stackable, modular storage such as our range of Like It Brick Organiser products provide a layered solution that will maximise your drawer space. They’re simple, modern, stackable and easy to use.

Modular Shallow Drawer Organisers

As well as providing exceptional deep drawer solutions, our “Like It” range includes shallow storage. Beautifully constructed thanks to a high quality molding process which smooths the materials edging, the Like It range fuses durability with style.

Spice Drawer Solutions

Whether you’re after a solution such as the Spice Drawer Organiser with Grip Base, or the Spice Expanda-Drawer , consider that a grip base will prevent spice bottles from rolling around your drawer. Never loose the spices again with these solutions!

Convert Your Shelf into A Drawer

Our range of do-it-yourself cabinet organisers such as easy-glider, Slide ‘n’ Stack and simplehuman Cabinet Organisers are created to group items throughout your home and office. Those organisers that are affixed to your shelf include mounting hardware.

Bathroom Vanity Mini Makeover

Is the space behind your vanity mirror functioning as well as it could be? If your makeup is in a mess or you need to reach past old medication to get to your toothbrush, it might be time for a mini blitz…Remember, to restore order behind the mirror; you need to create a home for everything.


The Problem: The Vanity Cupboard was was too small an it was impossible to find things quickly.


Solution: The vanity cupboard was replaced, then Howards organisers were added to perfect the solution.

See our Bathroom range here.

Office Desk Mini Makeover

If you feel like your desk is controlling you, it’s time to take action to transform your workspace. Whether you’re a vertical organiser who prefers an uncluttered office space or a horizontal organiser who like their work and organisation tools on display, both personality types require a few fundamentals!


The Problem: This office in a cupboard was difficult to keep tidy and was difficult to work from.


The Solution: A few simple organisers made it much easier to keep tidy and turned it into a more productive work space.

Top Tips when doing an Office Mini Makeover

  • Create an Everyday Filing Zone

    Set up a “paper-in” area using a Bamboo Desk Tray or Faux Leather File Tray to prioUrbio Perchritise paperwork and bills. Include all your day-to-day filing here. Storing pens and pencils? Try our A4 Desk Organiser or utilise your walls with our new offering the Perch by Urbio 5 Piece Starter Kit. Originally designed for urban gardening, the Urbio Magnetic Modular System is a modular design where each vessel magnetically attaches to any ferrous metal surface. It’s streamlined, unique and hard to go past!

  • Create an Archive Zone

    easi store

    easi store

    Archive old projects and store files that are rarely used but you still need access to from time to time. Archive boxes such as Howards Clear Suspension File is practical and streamlined. Alternatively Howards Desk File Box or our range of Easi-Store boxes will keep your long term paperwork safe and sounds. Remember to label your archive boxes, it will allow you to easily identify various documents if and when needed.

Toy Room/Space Mini Makeover

Kids. They bring so much joy, laughter and love into our lives but if you need a little chaos control with toys, art supplies and all things activity, we’ve got just the solutions…

Remember kids love colour and while white storage tubs might do the trick in your garage, if you choose brightly coloured storage solutions for their toys, they’re more likely to get them out and more importantly, put them away!

Lego Solution

This simple Howards Easy-Build trolley with stackable organisers creates not only a home for the lego pieces, but also a stage for the lego creations. Let creativity rule supreme!

See Easy-Build products here.

elfa craft station

Elfa Craft Table Solution

Using Elfa drawers and pegboards, this solution does more than create ample storage space – it created a space that the kids were totally excited to play in. This solution can also work well for toys by simply using deeper drawers as Elfa is a customisable storage system.

Ask in-store at your local Howards for a free design, measure and quote.

See more about this solution here.

TubTrugs are Kid Tested and Approved

If you don’t have a Tubtrug you need to get one; they’re incredibly flexible, virtually indestructible and the perfect addition to the kids room. Depending on what size you get these handy tubs can slide up the kid’s bed, or can be stored on a shelving system. The piece de resistance? Add a label to each storage container so you know exactly what is stored in each box. The finishing touches to a mini makeover!


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