Spring Canteen Makeover

Look closely and you’ll see that we only used 4 types of Howards products…

We added Mimi‘s to group the high use items such as sauces and pasta. This tidied the space and created a system for stock control at a glance, making replenishment super easy.

Without any proper storage, this back area of the canteen was a little chaotic.

Order replaced chaos with the addition of just two key organisers, the Mimi Separators and Howards Easi-Store Tubs.

These organisers help by grouping like items, utilising the depth of the shelf and allows you see what you have stored easily.

Meet Mimi

Divide and conquer your space!

Whether you’re overhauling your pantry, need to streamline your bathroom, makeover your office or fix up your laundry, you simply can’t go past our range of Mimi Separators. Versatile storage at its finest, our hardwearing, robust and durable plastic Mimi Organisers are available in three sizes narrow, wide and extra large. Created with a high sided design and integrated handles this handy storer will make the most of your shelf space.

Plastics and Recycling Sorted

Two of the biggest issues in this canteen was storing recycling and keeping their reusable plastic containers in order.

We used the Large Howards Flex Tubs for storing and transporting the daily recycling as they are light and easy to clean, with handles for easy access.

This canteen had a large collection of reusable plastic containers that they used for storing leftovers, they were bulky, difficult to store and were always in disarray.  We used separate Flex Tubs for the lids and the containers, allowing us to stack the containers neatly with easy access to the lids

Howards Flex Tubs are available in 3 colours and 3 sizes.

Howards Easi Store with Wheels

Made from high-grade plastic, Easi Store is durable, food safe, great for long-term storage, stackable and each tub contains a locking lid and wheels so you can store anything, anywhere. Easi Store is food safe and BPA Free.

Whether you’re archiving out of season clothing, looking for quality toy storage, need to group and store items in your garage or require a food storage solution, this item provides endless storage opportunities for the home as well as the office.

Available in 15L, 35L, 50L, 90L and 110L

Howards easy-build Shelving System

Adding a custom easy-build unit to the front of the canteen, not only created extra space but looked gorgeous too!

easy-build is a free-standing and fully adjustable shelving system engineered to be flexible enough to be used in any room in the home or workplace.
Choose from pre-designed kits or from a wide range of components.

……And as the name suggests, it’s easy to build yourself!

See more about easy-build

The results were amazing….

From Lucy and Leili – Canteen Operators

“It’s Amazing!! Totally unrecognisable! Thanks SO much for everything!

Everyone has been commenting heaps about it. It is now saving us so much time, we can control our inventory better and we have less waste.

It just feels great to work there now.”