Shelving Systems at Howards

Do you ever feel that you have no room to store anything? Great shelving systems will increase and maximise your storage space and therefore transform the way you live every day.

Everyone’s needs are different. That’s why Howards offer shelving systems that can be fully customised to your specific needs, plus a FREE design service to make the process easier. So, if you want a system that can evolve with you, a flexible and versatile solution is essential. Today’s office can reconfigure to tomorrows nursery.

If it’s durable, customisable, streamlined storage you’re after, we’ve covered all the bases.

For instance, we have Swedish designed elfa, Howards very own easy-build, Australian Tansel and a range of modular cellar systems to create the organised home you have always dreamed of.

That’s smarter living. It’s simply organised too!



elfa of Sweden has been making intelligent wardrobe solutions for over 60 years and is still one of the leading manufacturers of component-based wardrobe systems in the world.

The genius of elfa is the top track which is the only element that attaches to the wall. When installing the system, hanging it from this track allows the wall bands to slide into position. After that, simply add shelves, drawers and accessories wherever you want to create your very own customised solution. elfa is flexible enough to be used in any room in the home or office and comes with an amazing 10-year guarantee.

In addition, it is available in a white or platinum finish. Keep it simple or you can dress it up with timber trims and accessories.


  • elfa is efficient intelligent design and will literally create space for you.

  • The systems is totally customisable  and can be changed and adapted to suit any storage need.

  • Can be fitted in walk-ins, built-ins, pantries, laundries, offices, just about anywhere in your home.

  • Simple to install.

  • Made from strong epoxy bonded steel with a 10 year guarantee.

  • We offer a FREE instore design service to create your dream solution.

Top Track attaches to the wall. then you hang Wall Bands

Add shelves

Add baskets and accessories to create your ultimate solution

Tansel is a perfect blend of functionality and quality.

Firstly, create easy access and perfect visibility to the trickiest of spaces. Our extensive range of slide out storage can transform new and existing cabinets of any shape and size. Furthermore, use the full depth of your cupboard and increase storage space by as much as 30% with Tansel Premium Pull-Out Storage.

Made from the highest quality materials, Tansel is Australian owned and is designed to create easy accessibility within your spaces. Finally, Tansel is Do-It-Yourself friendly or we can provide a professional installation service for a fee depending on the scope of the job.

Visit us in-store for expert advice to help find the right solution for your space.


  • Stainless steel wire ensures organisers won’t rust in a damp areas.

  • 17 width options for drawers to suit almost any cupboard.

  • Free in-store design service.

  • Suitable for narrow or tricky spaces.

  • Suitable for new and existing cupboards.

  • Can increase your storage space by up to 30%.

  • Non Slip Bases also available.

  • Baskets  and racks have a lifetime warranty against rust. Sliders have a lifetime warranty on their function.

Howards easy-build is a premium free-standing, fully adjustable shelving system engineered to be flexible enough to be used in any room in the home or workplace.

Firstly, our versatile pre-designed easy-build kits are the fastest way to solve your storage challenges. Therefore, add extra components to customise your solution further.

However, there are similar shelving systems on the market. In addition, if it is quality, range and durability you’re after, easy-build is the perfect choice. It also comes with a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind.

Easy-build, as the name suggests, is so easy to build!


  • Easy DIY. Simple to assemble. No tools required.

  • Available in kits or a wide range of individual components.

  • Components can be added to kits. Super flexible. What was a shelf can easily become a wardrobe simply by adding a hanging rail.

  • Strong, durable chrome or black finish.

  • Wire gauge is heavy duty and designed to hold up to 200kgs per shelf without wheels.

  • Comes with 5 year Warranty.


Timber wine cellar storage

If you love your wine, you will want to store it correctly and protect your investment. If you are looking for a system that can grow with you as your collection grows, a modular system is the best place to start.

The way we store our wine really comes down to how much we need to store and how often we need to access the collection.

  • Modular systems can be purchased in kits and connected as your collection grows.

  • Howards are cellar experts and offer a free design session to design the perfect cellar for your needs.


NOOK has just two parts that continue to repeat themselves. So clever, so simple.

Innovation meets design with this fantastic modular wine storage solution designed to grow with your collection, as well as fit in your space.

Moreover, constructed from quality brushed stainless steel with polymer bottle rests, NOOK can be purchased in Kits and you simply add as needed, with no tools, joiners or rocket science degrees required.

NOOK can have multiple configurations, depending on your space and needs. For example, it is ideal for use against the wall, under the stairs displays and more.

Finally, NOOK will store over 100 wine bottles per M2 of wall space

wine rack solution


CellarStak is available in 10, 30 and 50 pocket (module) system packs that allow you to design and build almost any size or configuration of wine rack! Rack layouts and sizes are only limited by your imagination. Moreover, it is precision moulded from strong, modern, engineering grade ABS polymer (a superior “plastic”) that allows assembly to a comfortable rack height of 40 pockets (4 metres).

Available in Black, Silver and White.


Timber Cellar System

This custom build wine storage system is effective and stylish; combining the attractive, natural look of wood, with the sophistication and strength of steel.

It can be purchased by the pocket or as kits that can be connected together. Above all, the best part is that this timber cellar system can grow with your collection.


Read more about storing your wine HERE

See wine racks for collections big and small

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