Shoes Glorious Shoes!

From the modest to the mid size collection and beyond, Howards can help you size up your shoe storage needs and find a solution that’s just right for you. You see, we all have a varied collection, we all store our shoes differently, we have a dissimilar scope of space to work with and while there’s no right and wrong way, being space efficient and ensuring easy access and visibility is of utmost importance…

But before we get into the ‘solutions’ nitty gritty, it’s important to understand exactly what it is you need. So how should you find the right shoe storage?

First, stop and ask yourself what sort of problem are you trying to solve:

  • Are you looking for a spot to store your flat shoes?

  • Do you need storage for high heels?

  • Would you like a stackable option?

  • Will you be displaying your shoes?

  • Are you after a solution for your front entrance?

  • Are you searching for the ‘ultimate’ shoe Solution?

With the answers to those questions in mind, let’s take a closer look at what we can do to help.

Best Storage For Flats

You’d be hard pressed to find a wardrobe that didn’t consist of at least a few pairs of ‘flats’. They’re the ultimate pound-the-pavement, no fuss shoe and we have the perfect solution to suit. These everyday shoes will walk a thousand miles so protect your wares and keep your flats at the ready with these streamlined suggestions:

5 Tier Shoe Rack 

This space saving 5 Tier Shoe Rack is an efficient way to organise and store your shoe collection and it won’t take up a lot of space. With 5 spacious shelves, you can neatly store up to fifteen pairs of your favourite shoes. Made from chrome with a rubber-capped finish, this shoe rack is perfect for when you just need a little extra shoe storage.

Perfect for Heels

Whether high heels are your everyday shoe or reserved for special occasions, I’m sure you have a few pairs in your wardrobe. Look after your shoes properly so they’re in perfect working condition next time you need to wear them! These handy solutions should help.

4 Tier Shoe Rack

Keep those shoes on display, organised and easily accessible with this 4-tier shoe rack. Hardwearing and durable this chrome plated shoe storage is ideal for holding heels thanks to its slightly angled tiers. It’ll fit within a wardrobe but also look neat and tidy on display.

Great Little Hideaways

Hands up those with little to no storage space? It’s an all too common problem but with these clever ideas you’ll be able to combat it in an instant! Get creative and find your own storage opportunities with these suggestions:

Easi Store Underbed Box with Wheels 45L

Everyone needs a 45L Easi Store Underbed box. Perfect for archiving out of season shoes, this versatile item provides endless storage opportunities and it will sit neatly under your bed!

Easi Store 6 Shoe Underbed Box With Wheels

With divided compartments this shoebox with locking lid and wheels will happily house 6 pairs of shoes.

Both Easi Store solutions are made from high-grade plastic durable, food safe; great for long-term storage, stackable and each tub contains a locking lid and wheels so you can store anything, anywhere.

2 Drawer Shoe Cabinet 

The ever clever 2 Drawer Shoe Cabinet in white will protect your shoes while enabling easy access to your treasured investments. This nifty cabinet will hold approximately twelve pairs of shoes over two large shoe drawers, which simply fold out when needed. This will sit neatly within your cupboard, in the garage or by the front door. Simply pop a vase of flowers and a framed photo or two on top and place it at the entry to your home where it can act as a shoe trap!

Howards Quality Basics

Sometimes the simple things are so often the best. Here are a few of our basic shoes storage solutions. They’re streamlined, neat, tidy and will do a fabulous no-fuss job of keeping your shoes protected, accessible and easy to find.

Stackable Shoe Rack Small 

Get those shoes off the floor and up onto this Shoe Stacker. This freestanding and stackable shoes storage solution is available in a 60cm and 70cm size, has a durable plastic coated finish and will keep shoes organised and easy to find

Shoe Rack 9 Pair – White 

This space saving shoe rack won’t take up a lot of floor space in your room or wardrobe. Made from powder-coated steel, this item will neatly store 9 pairs of your favorite shoes.

21 Pair Shoe Rack White

No more tripping over those wayward shoes!

This 21 Pair Shoe Rack can be easily affixed to the wall or mounted with brackets over a door (sold separately).

Front Entry Way Suggestions

Your front entryway is the perfect place to store shoes; they’re accessible when you’re ready to walk out the door and the perfect spot to place your shoes when you get home! Ensure the front of your home stays ‘house guest ready’ with one of these front entryway shoe storage suggestions.

Create your own Custom Easy-Build Solution

With this easy to build Coat and Shoe Stand solution, it all comes down to location location location! Bearing in mind that some of us enter the house through the front or side door while others have access through the laundry and garage.
Consider the location; declutter the area; add extra shelves for more shoe storage and create an in/out zone for accessories.

Easy-Build is freestanding and completely adjustable, made from Triple Coated Chrome and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Shoe Rack 4 Tier with Umbrella Stand 

With a sturdy white metal frame this rack has four tiers and can store up to eight pairs of shoes. The metal tray on the base shelf has been designed to hold up to four umbrellas!

Expandable Shoe Rack 

The quality chrome frame will boost your shoe storage space and expand to fit your wardrobe or growing shoe collection (up to 117cm). With two tiers, this clever rack is perfect for small rooms or narrow wardrobes.


There are of course some of us that are quite ‘partial’ shall we say, to shoes and for those whose shoe collection is vast, we’ve got the ultimate shoe storage solution for you:

Keep it simple and beautiful by creating a shoe wall using elfa® specialised components.  These components are flexible and fully customisable so you can change your solution as your needs or shoe collection grows!

What’s more, elfa is made from epoxy bonded steel and come with a 10 year guarantee.

Ask us for a FREE design, measure and quote today!


The sky really is the limit when it comes to creating your own ‘ultimate’ solution. If you’ve got more shoes to store and more space to burn, create an even higher and bigger solution!

Love your shoes and they’ll last the distance!

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