Small Tips For How To Create A Gorgeous, Clutter-Free Home

For some people, the feeling you get when you finally finish the tidying and can sit down to relax with everything in it’s right place is a kind of bliss… then BOOM! The kids arrive home from school, the dog chases the cat, you’ve had to look through a few old bills and taken your pick of the DVDs for the night. Suddenly, it’s back to square one with a mass of clutter around the house.

Clutter is a normal part of life, but it doesn’t have to consume your house, your personal space or become something that will take the whole day to get under control. The trick to mastering clutter is to make sure your storage solutions aren’t all about time consuming order but practical, functional places where the sort of things that are usually left on the floor, or take up bench space can be put. After all, who wants to spend all their tidying?


Clothing can spread across the floor of any room without even trying. Sometimes, it’s ok to leave it there but where you walk should never become an extension of your wardrobe. This is exactly what hampers were invented for. Bathroom, Bedroom or Laundry, stop the piles from getting out of hand and really, when it comes to hiding mess, hampers are the bomb.

Vacuum Storage Bags

Every house is crammed full of linen, towels, clothing and things that are just too good to throw out, but really not useful (right now that is). Your cupboards and shelves should be for things you actually use. Make sure that, for the most part, they stay that way by putting the vacuum squeeze on anything you’re not going to use. Just remember, they’re easy bags to unpack as well. Best of all, they protect your stuff from dust, bugs and that awful “it’s been in storage” smell.

Storage Boxes

As proud as you might be of the huge collection of DVDs and CDs which took you years to compile, they’re often left spread all over the place. But you shouldn’t just use boxes for things that fit neatly into them. They really are the ultimate storage option for turning shelves into drawers, closets into storage towers and your garden shed into, well, a garden shed that’s tidy.

Canisters, Containers & Jars

Remember how your mother always used to have some tupperware that fit the meal? Or a jar of something she was keeping for later. It’s like we’ve gone back to the future, but really, of all the places you want things to be organised, order in the kitchen is one of the greatest feelings, especially when you’re cooking up a storm. But containers aren’t just useful for food. Your can organise your drawers and shelves so the batteries never end up with the matches again.


There’s not much else to say. Sometimes you just need to bin something and get rid of it for good.

This guide is super simple. In fact, your house probably already has a few of these things. But if your clutter is over flowing beyond being comfortably controllable, then it’s time to take an afternoon, an evening, heck – five minutes even – to get one or two extra things to make your house feel that little bit calmer and more orderly. Therefore, reward yourself with a glass of wine at the end. At least that’s what we’ll be doing!

Originally Posted on Glam Adelaide by Ryan Winter