Smooth Move Part 2


Organising Your New Home

A new home: it’s like having a clean slate to work with, where you’re free to incorporate all those new strategies and organisational ideas you’ve been dreaming about. But the challenge is to start as you intend to go on when moving house!

For instance, it’s here in this moment that you can lay the foundations for a streamlined existence. However, remember the key to organisational success is being able to easily retrieve household items, whatever they are and wherever they’re stored.

So what are our Top Organising Picks for moving house?

With such a huge product offering, it’s hard to narrow it down, however, we’ve selected a few of our favourites…

The Kitchen

elfa custom pantry

Pantry Organisers

Firstly, not only will pantry organisers keep your dry goods fresh for as long as possible, with the right combination of shelf helpers and containers, you’ll be able to maximize the full depth of your shelves, simply see what you have within your pantry at any given time and have easy access to it! Furthermore, with all your pantry items in order, it’s easy for the whole family to navigate.

Drawer Organisers

When it comes to organising your drawers, it’s easy to achieve a maximum outcome from minimal effort. Our advice? Divide and conquer your drawers with our range of standard or modular organisers. For example, from spice liners to cutlery trays, knife organisers to stacking baskets; if you can compartmentalize this space, you’ll stay organised and in doing so, reduce clutter when moving house.

The Bathroom

Quality Shelving

It’s amazing what a difference a good quality towel rack, a tall storage cabinet or an Easy-Build Custom Unit can make to a bathroom. Firstly, everyone frequents this area of the home, so it needs to run like a well-oiled machine. Therefore, maximise your vertical wall space and ensure there’s a specific, easy-access home for additional towels, spare toilet rolls, cosmetics and other bathroom essentials. Easy to install when you have the stress of moving house in the back of your mind!

The Bedroom

bedroom storage


With the right hangers, you’ll preserve the life of your wears, maximise space within your closet and ensure your clothes don’t end up in a crumpled mess at the base of your wardrobe. Need to hang a suit? Looking for non-slip flocked hangers? Need a belt hanger? Searching for an easy way to hang a dozen or so ties? There are so many ways hangers can streamline your space.

Shoe Storage

Whether you’re partial to flat, boots, sneakers or pumps, if you’re good to your shoes, they’ll be good to you; it’s the best way to ensure your shoes stay in top condition! If you’ve got limited space, consider an over the door shoe storage solution. For those with a huge wardrobe space; a shoe library might be in order. From the mid-sized collection to the max, quality shoe storage will simplify the morning rush!

The Spare Room

Temporary Wardrobes

The great thing about a temporary wardrobe system is that it can be reused and repurposed for years. However, what might be a temporary wardrobe for your guest room today, could be an ironing assist within your laundry the next? Therefore, coupled with a selection of hanging organisers, you can create customized wardrobe space for babies, kids, uni students and adults alike!


For some, the spare room becomes the space to store trans-seasonal items; and to ensure out of season doonas and clothes stay in tiptop shape, quality archiving solutions are a MUST! Not only will our archiving items keep moths and mites out, they will resist mould and ensure your items are ready for use next season! From SpaceBags to Storage Boxes, if you need to store it for a season, you need durable archiving system.

The Laundry

Family Friendly laundry

The Garage

elfa Shelving

You’ve just moved into your home; don’t let your garage be the ‘dumping’ ground for items you’re unsure what to do with! Make immediate use of the vertical wall space with a shelving system such as elfa. Here you can label and place your “garage only” items neatly. You see, elfa’s a completely customizable solution and if you need assistance with a design our organising experts can help. Streamline the garage from the get go! You’ll thank yourself later.

Storage Boxes

Create consistency within your garage with a series of storage boxes! It’s the easiest way to keep odd shaped, unruly garage items in order. These can be placed within your chosen shelving system. Remember to label each of your storage boxes though – there’s no point having a wall full of boxes and no idea what’s stored in each! The name of the organising game is easy retrieval!

These items can help to streamline your new home and create an organisational structure that works for you.

If you are thinking of selling or moving house, see our tips on preparing your home for sale.

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