Spring Clean Your Daily Routines – Top Tips

Spring Clean Your Routine

With Spring time the focal point at Howards this month, our team have been brainstorming ideas on how to best prepare your home for the warmer months ahead. We’ve conversed and discussed how to clean and clear-out certain problem areas of the home; but what’s also become a common theme amongst our hearty chats is that spring is a great time to “spring-clean” our routines too.

So here are a few ways to shake up or revamp the way you do things to make your weekly schedule a little easier and more time efficient. Let’s face it, when you work all day, free time is seriously valuable!

Howard’s Top Time Saving Tips: 

“Save time during the week by making lunches on a Sunday and freezing them. Avoid high water content ingredients like lettuce and tomato as they go soggy and you’ll have perfect results. Add a sticker to say whats inside too.

For something different (and very healthy), I like to make a big batch of quinoa, then portion it into “salad for 1″ sizes, then freeze flat. Its easy to defrost and then faster to make a salad when you need it.”

– Cathy, Howards Marketing Communications Manager

“Wash your veggies before you place them in your crisper. If you meal plan and you know exactly what you’re going to cook each evening, you could even pre-cut your veggies and store them within a series of Oxo Greensavers or Décor Matchups™ system. This will help you save on nightly prep time when you’re cooking dinner.”

– Amy, Howards Marketing Assistant

“For the animal lovers, proportion fresh dog food into zip lock bags or Ecopocket Resuable Pockets so you don’t have to clean chopping boards and knives through the week. It alleviates the need to store one big dog food roll too!”

– Lisa, Howards Publications and Content Producer

“For those occasions when you need to use the dryer, try using Howards Ecozone Dryer Balls. They’re scientifically tested and proven to noticeably soften fabric, they reduce creases and wrinkles, will cut down on lint and best of all they’ll help reduce drying time by up to 25%.”

– Kirsty, Howards CRM Coordinator

5 More Quick Tips for Spring time cleaning


When you’re prepping a meal, put a large container (for rubbish) and a combost bin (for green waste) on the counter. Place your peelings, along with the general waste into the appropriate tub and make one trip to the bin – not 10!


Do you have an overzealous lemon or lime tree? Perhaps you just purchased a few too many at your last grocery shop! Don’t let them go to waste. Why not squeeze them into an ice tray and freeze for a later date! Once they’re frozen, place them in a zip lock bag, date them and use in your next recipe that asks for lemon or lime


Shop online! It’s not for everyone but one thing’s for sure, you will save time. If you’re unsure, give it a go at least once, perhaps with your next grocery shop, and see how much time you save. There are so many shops online now, you can purchase your dry goods and your fruit and veg together or from separate providers, depending on how you like to shop.


Keep a shopping list somewhere central, like the fridge! It’s a simple one but it’s very effective. As soon as a member of the family uses the last of anything, have them write it on the list. You’ll never be short of paper towel or toilet paper again – what a relief!


Get next-day-ready the night before. Pull out your dry brekkie and lunch goods, school bags, school clothes, your own outfit and anything else you might need before you head out the door in the morning. Trust us, there’ll be fewer things to ‘remember’ when you’re trying to get ready.

Do you have another great “spring time cleaning routine”?

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