Storing And Caring For Your Jewellery

By Professional Organiser Carolyn Verhoef, from Outside the Box Solutions

The one storage dilemma that can get even the best organising buff in knots has to be Jewellery! With so many beautiful options, which storage is best for your space? And what types of items do you need to store?

But it’s not just how they are stored, is it? You also want to make sure you’re taking the best care of those precious jewels.

Okay, it’s confession time. There is no minimalism happening in my abundant jewellery collection!

As a part-time dancer and self-confessed shiny object collector, I have more than the average amount of jewellery. So, join me as I share my best tips and tricks for storage and care.

Where to Start

Every organising job is easier when you start by asking these key questions.

  • What is the specific space that gives me the best use of my jewellery?

    Here are some examples:

    • A shelf in the walk-in robe
    • On top of the dresser
    • Vertical space on a wall or door
  • What best suits my habits and lifestyle?

    These will get you thinking about your natural organising style:

    • Having items in view is how I know what I have and want to wear
    • Keeping jewellery stored away makes me feel more calm and secure
    • I tend to wear the same pieces during weekdays
  • What do I really use from my collection?
    • What amount of jewellery am I willing to hold on to or is there some I am ready to let go of?
    • Being realistic about the space you have and expense it may take to repair or care for them.

Answer these questions to give you focus to organise with purpose. It will stop you from getting distracted and creates a way to store jewellery that becomes easy to keep organised.

How to Begin Organising Your Jewellery

  • Step 1

    Jewellery organising starts with categorising the items into groups of how you use them. Because we all have our own unique styles, it will be different for everyone. Here are some of the common ways you could categorise the use of your jewellery:

    1. As for matching sets – usually, categories will appear by colour, a coordinated necklace, earrings and bracelet for example.
    2. Style-specific – the style is specific, but items aren’t worn in matching sets. For example, your collection could include styles that wouldn’t mix well if worn together. Hippie Chic and Vintage Forties Retro comes to mind.
    3. Day, Time and Place use – when and where you wear the pieces has quite specific categories. For example, Workday or Business, Weekend or Casual, Evening or Special Occasion.

    Finally, once you’ve determined your best fit for categories, you will see how many pieces and what sorts of items are in each. Therefore, you can now choose the best storage solutions for your whole collection.

  • Step 2

    Along with the number of items in each category consider the space you’ll be using to store them. Therefore, a variety of storage solutions will be needed to take care of all the different shapes and sizes. Plus, how frequently it is accessed throughout the day.

Here are some of my favourites:

In a tight spot?

My go-to solution for ease of categorising tight spaces is the stackable sectioned tray. It keeps pieces separated to avoid tangles and dust free.

Choose a clear sectioned stackable tray solution for workday and frequently used pieces. It’s fantastic for seeing what you want to wear quickly.

Think Outside the Box

Some of the best organising solutions for jewellery were made for other purposes. Take the clear stackable food canisters mainly used in the pantry. Therefore, these are ideal for bracelets and chunky costume jewellery.

Kitchen drawer organisers are fantastic for larger jewellery items, sunglasses and accessories commonly kept in the dressing area. Moreover, merely line with felt to add a touch of luxury. This prevents your things from sliding around.

Make Space Where There’s None

The ultimate space saving tip is to simply think vertical. In your home, there is around 3 times as much vertical space as horizontal space. It’s a simple fact of having 4 walls and one floor.

Door and wardrobe hanging options for jewellery are fantastic for storage. The best options are see-through. They allow just one item per sleeve or pocket and are easy to reach in and out of. Consider hanging on the inside of cupboard doors at eye height for best access.

Scarf Hanger perfect for Necklaces

Just Hanging Out

Hanging organisers can be an excellent solution for items worn frequently. Because they are in plain sight and have great access, they are ideal for day to day wear. Though for items infrequently worn these pose a risk of getting tarnished by moisture in the air and dust.

Sticking with Tradition

For most of us, special occasion jewellery is not worn often. Therefore, I recommend keeping them in a safe tucked away jewellery box or original box and pouch. Usually, this helps to keep them from tarnishing or worst a victim of light fingers.

  • Step 3

    Making a habit of caring for your collection doesn’t have to be spending hours dedicated to cleaning and polishing. Seriously, who’s got time for that?

    The best way to protect your jewellery is to have a soft cleaning cloth or two stored with your pieces. Therefore, start the habit of wiping over your items each time you wear them before storing them away.

    Furthermore, skin has oils and acids which affect metals, not to mention any perfumes and moisture from the environment. These dull the lustre and permanently tarnish jewellery. Therefore, this one habit will keep your jewellery looking good.

    Finally, have fun organising your jewellery and don’t be afraid to get creative. Just remember to work with your space and personality as the key considerations.

Carolyn brings a unique blend of skills to her one on one clients, workshop and public speaking audiences. Empowering them with the tools to live with less struggle and stuff so they can experience more happiness.

She is passionate about leading people to their own uniquely organised life, their creativity and purpose.

Outside the Box Organisation Solutions was founded in 2007 and now operates in Perth WA and across Australia via one to one virtual organising coaching.

Carolyn is well known for her holistic approach to organisation, productivity and clearing the physical, mental and emotional clutter. She has gained initial Coaching Essentials Certificate as an Organiser Coach and holds the Mental Health First Aid Accreditation. As an Advisory Board Member of The Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO) she focuses on providing the Organising Industry with a standard of excellence while supporting the Professional Organising business community through Professional Development and Accreditation pathways.

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