Storing Christmas Decorations


Packing and unpacking Christmas…

Storing Christmas Decorations can be a nightmare… And I should know! (I have a collection of Christmas decorations to rival anyone right here on this earth).  I started my Christmas decorations when I was a teenager, everything that hangs off my tree has a story, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

From glass ornaments bought in flea markets overseas to a polystyrene bauble covered in pins (lovingly made by the kids) to an angel that tops the tree – my collection of ornaments is always growing.

Trinkets of such sentimental value, throwing them haphazardly in a box at the beginning of January seems wrong. I came across these fantastic Easi Store Boxes from Howard’s Storage World  and I knew they were exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Diamond Drawer Organisers are fabulous for protecting and storing your baubles, so they are safe and ready to use next year.

There is nothing worse than starting off this job by having to hunt down where everything is only to find it all in a total mess!


The magic of Christmas

Decorating the house for the festive season- from the front door to the back door, is a job that I absolutely love! There really is nothing more fun than spending the day listening to my Christmas playlist and pottering about the house adding my festive touches to every surface and of course, tackling the tree. However, there is nothing worse than starting off this job by having to hunt down where everything is only to find it all in a total mess!

I found fairy lights tangled with bulbs broken and glass baubles cracked from banging around the box all year. Then I came across fantastic storage boxes! The Easi Store Boxes are available in a variety of sizes, widths and lengths that you can use to store your collection. Moreover, the Diamond Drawer Organisers that fit inside the storage boxes are a fab little tool to keep your decorations from breaking into each other and will keep everything safe and sound.

SmartStore Boxes with SmartStore Inserts are another great solution. The clever inserts and partitions fit most size storage boxes as they are so adaptable. Further, removable dividers can be placed in smaller tubs and storage box inserts can be used inside bigger containers. All these options will make your Christmas storage an absolute dream where there is a place for everything and everything has its place!

It’s storage solutions like these that make Christmas even more enjoyable. Knowing you have packed and sorted and are ready for the next year creates a feeling of organisation that I love. I can see what’s in each container, and I know precisely where these containers live and when I go to decorate the tree next year – I know that all of my heirloom glass baubles, handmade button and pin baubles, gifted furry trinkets and collections of pea lights will be in perfect condition.

Now, let’s start decorating!

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Updated August 2021