Stress Free Travel

Stress free travel seems impossible. Whatever your holiday style, whether it be relaxing by a resort pool or outdoor adventuring, getting there should be as enjoyable as the destination. For instance, for many , the road trip is the adventure, so make sure it’s stress-free, well-planned and designed to work with your needs.

However, the lead up to the departure can be quite stressful, you keep reminding yourself that once you are off and on your way,  those relaxed holiday vibes will kick in.

Check out the best hacks for stress free travel, to enjoy that dream holiday.

Organised Travel

Being an organised traveller isn’t just about packing; it’s about planning, being realistic and having everything where you need it to be.

There’s something very exciting about travelling.  Unfortunately, this often leads to packing way too much.  However, the best way to beat this is to stop, sort and solve.  The stop element is easy – just take a moment to clear your mind and take a fresh look at what’s in your bags.

Therefore, make a list of what you really need and check it twice.  For instance, using a packing list will make sure you not only cut down on items to bring, but also remember to bring underwear (you’ll never forget underwear twice, by the way).

With this new perspective, sort through your clothes and consider how much you can mix and match outfits to create new looks without needing to pack two separate ensembles.  A good tip is to pack to a colour scheme – if you build all your outfits around a specific colour, everything from jackets to shoes should be pretty interchangeable.

Solving the problem of excess luggage can be as simple as cutting down on redundant items or using a Travel Space Bag to reduce the volume of clothes.  However, there are other approaches, such as sending some cases on ahead – a great option for trekkers who only want to travel with what they can use.  For instance, search ‘excess baggage’ on Google to find Australian companies specialising in this.

In the car

Australia is a great place for road trips, with some of the best journeys in the world right here in our own backyard – the Great Ocean Road, for example, with its magnificent views and cool breezes, or the stunning Savannah Way from Cairns to Broome.

For instance, one of the first basics of a good road trip is keeping everyone cool and hydrated. Seems easy to enjoy stress free travel?

The Fridge to Go range of lunch bags and coolers is amazing for keeping food and drink fridge-cold for up to eight hours.

If you’re partial to water, try an Oasis Insulated Stainless Steel Drink bottle. They are available in a range of gorgeous colours, designs and sizes.

The double wall insulation keeps contents hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

Complete with a rubber lined twist off lid, this eco-friendly and BPA fre Drink Bottle is made from high-grade 18/8 stainless steel. Moreover, what’s more is that it is easy to clean, and has been designed to last.

Pre-prepared snacks for the trip, can save some serious angst when travelling…for big and little kids 🙂

Reusable snack bags or containers are the perfect eco friendly option when travelling.

In the Air

Taking to the skies sounds glamorous but the reality for many is a sore neck, lost baggage and endless security checks.

There are, however, some simple solutions.

Howards are proud to range Globite travel accessories, with everything you need to make your journey easier!

A fabulous way to keep your suitcase under control is with Packing Cubes , which can be arranged to match your needs at each destination.  Try having one for each day for each child.  The kids love it and you know they’ll stay organised!


Ensure your travel bottles are carry on compliant. Start with a 7 Piece Travel Kit and Silicone Travel Bottles from Globite.  This allows you to instantly show security what liquids you are carrying.

Next, clearly label all your bags with Luggage tags. Basic tags like to Swivel ID Tags are useful. Therefore, the Beautiful Globite Heritage Leather Luggage Tags can be personalised with monogramming and are a beautiful way to name your belongings.

Moreover, make sure you don’t get stung for excess baggage charges by making a wise investment with the Digital Luggage Weighing Handheld Travel Scale, which can weigh any bag up to 40kg.  For instance, it can make an unusual Christmas present!

For on-board comfort, take along a Neck Pillow and an Eye Mask and Ear Plug Set, getting some shut eye can make all the difference to how you feel when you get to your destination.

Tips for stress-free international travel

Check the latest travel advice for your destination on the website and subscribe to receive free email updates.

Make sure your passport is valid and you have all the appropriate visas before heading overseas.

Carry extra passport photos in case your passport is lost/stolen and you need to replace it while away.

Don’t travel with lots of flashy jewellery.  Chances are nothing will happen, but why risk it?

Make copies of your passport, credit cards and other travel documents.  Keep one copy safe and leave a copy with someone at home.

Register your travel and contact details online before travelling overseas, or at the local Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate once you arrive, so the Government can contact you in an emergency.

If you’re heading through an airport, pack your toiletries in a clear bag for easy security checks.

Relax. You might as well.  Delays happen, luggage gets lost. Like it or not, it’s all part of the experience.

In the caravan

Multi-tasking is the best way to save space in a caravan. For example, Tub Trugs can stow towels while you’re travelling, and once you’re at the site and your towels are on hooks, they can be used to carry firewood, be filled with ice for refreshments or even filled with water and utilised as a place to do laundry.

Moreover, one of the best little caravanning luxuries to take with you is an airer; it takes up barely any room and can be used for drying clothes, airing towels, keeping wet swimwear outdoors or even as a folding station. Therefore, look for one that is light and folds flat for easy storage. For instance, a Pop Up Hamper stores flat and takes up next to no room and is a great travel companion as it  becomes a great receptacle for keeping dirty clothes away from your nice dry outfits!

Also, with our own caravan you don’t have to pack light, but you do have to pack small. Depending on the Storage you have, utilise and maximise your space, you will be amazed at how much you can fit in with a little clever organisation.

Storing food in the caravan is about saving time and keeping your holiday stress-free.

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