Dream Wardrobe

Anything you can dream, we can create. There are no limits to creating a wardrobe space to reflect who you are. Come in-store for a FREE personalised wardrobe design session and create YOUR dream wardrobe.
Shoe Library

Ultimate Shoe Library

Like to see how to make an ultimate shoe library? Howards expert organiser Cathy Player shows you how to love your shoes with great storage.

Creative Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Howards shows you three creative solutions for the kitchen, laundry and the bathroom to give you some ideas.

Laundry Workflow

If you’ve ever folded your clean washing on your dining table or rummaged through baskets of clean clothes you were “yet to put away”, well this one’s for you. With a little planning, your laundry can be everything you need it to be. It makes sense really; improve the overall effectiveness of your laundry with a well-organised workflow and you’ll save time each and every day. This solution shown enables you to pre-sort, wash, dry/drip dry, fold and distribute your washing. elfa is so flexible it can be modified to suit your needs and changing requirements.

elfa® Garage Makeover & Craft Studio

See how we used elfa to makeover a garage and create a side craft room. Not only was it better use of space, it totally transformed the way the family used their home!

elfa Office makeover

elfa Basics - Organise Your Office on a Budget

See how we used 2 elfa basics drawer sets, an old recycled door and a few elfa shelves to create this super economical and functional office space.