How to save time in the laundry

Top Laundry Time Saving Strategies

Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping the laundry. Whether you pop one load on a day or you dedicate a few consecutive hours to cleaning clothes and linen each week, it’s a job that simply can’t be avoided. We can, however, suggest a number of time saving strategies that will minimise the hours spent pre-sorting, removing stains, ironing and distributing cleaned items. Let’s take a closer look.
How to iron a shirt

Ironing a shirt with Andrew from Howards

Want to know the basic steps to a perfectly ironed shirt? Start with the right tools for the job, add a little ironing ‘know how’ and speed up the process and make it easy! Andrew from Howards shares his tips for a crisp, sharp ironed shirt.

What to look for in an Airer with Jim Toby

An airer will save you money, reduce your carbon footprint and protect your clothing from the wear and tear of a dryer. We chat with Howards Buyer Jim Toby about what to look for in a good airer.

Neata Linen Cupboard Makeover

If you want a very satisfying makeover to complete in a day, the linen cupboard may just be your project. In this inspirational makeover, Sophie called in the Howards team to totally renovate a tired old cupboard. The old shelving was removed and replaced with a highly functional neata shelving system, complete with drawers. Space was planned for the ironing board and even the vacuum cleaner.

Sonia’s Laundry Makeover

Anyone with a large family knows that the smooth running of a laundry is fundamental to a busy household. With three young boys and a husband, no one knows this more so than Sonia. Let it be said, that pre-makeover Sonia was very organised but her laundry presented ‘limited space’ and ‘next to no storage’ challenges. See how we helped convert her laundry, into an amazing space that Sonia is incredibly proud of. Interestingly, when we stopped and really broke down the issues, the solution didn’t just focus on her laundry. A supreme solution was created by adding a family distribution station in the utility room next door where the ironing was being done….

Laundry Workflow

If you’ve ever folded your clean washing on your dining table or rummaged through baskets of clean clothes you were “yet to put away”, well this one’s for you. With a little planning, your laundry can be everything you need it to be. It makes sense really; improve the overall effectiveness of your laundry with a well-organised workflow and you’ll save time each and every day. This solution shown enables you to pre-sort, wash, dry/drip dry, fold and distribute your washing. elfa is so flexible it can be modified to suit your needs and changing requirements.

Love Your Laundry – We Show You How!

Shannon Lush, author of the international bestselling book 'Spotless' and all round cleaning guru explains how to love your laundry the eco friendly way. Shannon shares tips on washing, stain removal, drying and how to cut down your time in the laundry.