Dream Wardrobe - Behind the Scenes

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at the creation of a Howards elfa Dream Wardrobe setup.

Dream Wardrobe

Anything you can dream, we can create. There are no limits to creating a wardrobe space to reflect who you are. Come in-store for a FREE personalised wardrobe design session and create YOUR dream wardrobe.

Neata Wardrobe Makeover

Here we show you how we made over a U-shaped wardrobe by using the Howards Neata Shelving System. Start with the Basics, then when your budget permits, add the finishing touches!

Neata Wardrobe Makeover - Behind the Scenes

Watch the time lapse video of this amazing Neata Wardrobe Makeover. From shelves being removed in the old wardrobe to the ultimate solution for this space!

Part 1 - Wardrobe Makeover - The Basic Setup

Doing your wardrobe on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean going for the cheapest alternative. With a little forethought and planning your wardrobe makeover can be created in stages, not only allowing you to save for the ultimate solution but allowing you the time to determine what inclusions you really want.