The $21 fridge makeover with Marie

Sound too good to be true?  And who is Marie! 

Imagine how much food waste you can save by having a better organised fridge.

Well, with a little Howards know-how and one of our favourite storage baskets, you’ll actually want to give people a tour of your new fridge when this makeover is done.

First of all, let us introduce you to Marie. The Marie fridge baskets have a handle on the front, nice ventilated sides and come in 2 sizes. Best of all, they are only $4.95 for a medium size and $6.95 for a large basket. That’s incredibly good value when you consider that 3 large baskets can give your fridge an organisation makeover for under $21!

Imagine how much these little beauties could potentially save you by reducing your food wastage? It’s really very simple. Marie baskets give you greater control over your fridge.

So how do they help you organise your fridge?

Grouping is the secret to an organised fridge. Use Marie to group like items together. We love them for condiments, sauces, fruit, yogurts and more.

Are there any other benefits of using Marie in the fridge?

Absolutely! Cleaning the fridge becomes so much simpler as you can quickly remove the entire basket; give the shelf a quick wipe and the jobs done. No need to move lots of small items around which just takes time.

Are there other uses for Marie?

For versatility, Marie is one of our all-time favourites.  It is perfect in high cupboard, in the bathroom vanity, and wonderful in the pantry. So if you decide it’s are no longer needed in the fridge you can happily recycle Marie elsewhere.

Look out for the Marie Fridge Basket in your local store and also available online, exclusively from Howards Storage World.

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