The 6 top tips for creating an optimum study space for your kids

By Jacqui Lea of Gervaise Interior Design

When creating a study space for your children the three things you want to achieve are:

  • An organised area that can be maintained by the kids themselves.

  • A space that functions well.

  • A sense of ownership so that they will use this great space you have created.

 6 Top Tips

for achieving these goals and creating an attractive functional space.


Enough Clear Desk Space

A generous clear desk surface which can be used for many different activities is highly recommended. Although so much of our lives in now done on devices and children’s studies are no exception, it is still important that the desk you choose can accommodate more than just a laptop but also notes, books and other bits and pieces. However, it is good to train them to keep this area clear and ready to use at any time. This can be achieved with good storage which we will talk about in a moment. There is nothing worse than having to clear a pile of clutter before you can get started with your homework.


Good Storage

Storage under the desk is a must. Drawers are always the most functional option and it is a good idea to invest in a Madesmart Junk Drawer Organiser  which helps keep the drawers in order. This system also teaches children that each item has a specific ‘place where it lives’ and to pack everything away when they have finished using it. This helps keep the desk clear.

If your desk does not contain storage in the form of built in drawers you could invest a Howard’s 4 Drawer Storage Trolley (in black or white). This is quite tall and may need to be stored next to the desk, but it allows for the stationary and supplies to be wheeled around the house and used elsewhere like the dining room table for example with ease.

Good storage also saves you money because you are less likely to buy unnecessary items or doubles of what you already own. When your belongings are stored in a organised way, it is easy for you to make an inventory by glancing over the contents of your drawers.


Use the Wall Space

Many people forget when designing a room, that space exists in 3 dimensions. Wall space is a blank canvas waiting to be utilised.

Pin boards, peg boards, magnetic boards or white boards are useful additions to any study space. They provide the perfect place to display important concepts, symbols and images to help the child remember and retain information.

The inclusion of open storage in the form of shelves fixed to the wall above the desk creates another location to store items that would usually take up valuable desk space whilst locating them to an accessible position.

The elfa Shelves and Basics Drawer Units offers an adjustable option which can be adjusted and installed as per your requirements.

The desk on the left was created using 2 x elfa Basics Drawer Sets and a  recycled door was used for the table top for the ultimate budget set up.

elfa shelves are strong flexible and are fixed to the wall only by the top track.

elfa is made from epoxy bonded steel  and comes with a 10 year Guarantee.


Good Lighting

Good Lighting is critical to protect their young eyes and helps keep them alert and focused. Make sure that the main source of general lighting is giving enough light and include a desk lamp for task lighting. LED lighting strips can even be fixed to the underside of the wall shelf to provide even more light to the space.


Organising Tech and Associated Accesories

We all know how your cables and charges can easily get out of control! Well, here are a few terrific tools for taming them!

These BlueLounge- Mini CableDrops Sets stick onto the side or top of your desk and hold your phone charge cable in place until you need to use it. No more grovelling on the floor looking for them.

Put an end to an unsightly tangle of cables, use this BlueLounge Cable Box to hide all the mess.


Opportunities for Kids to Personalise

My best advice is to get your kids involved with setting up their study space by letting them choose the colour scheme or patterns, decide how they want to arrange items in the drawer organiser and encourage them to decorate the pin boards etc. with things that they love.

The best thing you can do is foster a sense of ownership of the space which will help encourage them to take pride in it and hopefully maintain it.

Here is a kid’s study area that I designed for a client. It showcases many of the tips discussed in this blog, large desk space, good storage in the form of drawers, grey pin board on the wall, open shelf storage above and task lighting in the form of a lamp.

I trust that these tips will give you some great ideas for your kid’s study space.

Jacqui Lea of  Gervaise Interior Design

We specialise in mini home makeovers where we organise, declutter and style using what the client already owns as well as other interior design services.

Instagram @gervaiseinteriordesign

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