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Here at Howards we’ve been working with the crème de la crème of organisational products for over two decades. My, how time flies!

Furthermore, over the years we’ve tried and tested a multitude of products, and come to determine what works, what doesn’t, and what items can be used across multiple rooms within a home. Therefore, the Howards team knows what indeed ticks all the boxes to make life easier; and we’re here to share our findings.

We’ve asked ourselves what we think people are looking for in good storage and compared that with what our customers tell us they’re after. For example,  quality, innovation, practicality and flexible storage rank highest; and with those four traits in mind, these are a selection of our room-by-room standouts…


Proper organisation will ensure your food stays fresh for as long as possible, items are easy to store and retrieve; and you maximise your storage space:

  • Howard’s Aamina Easy Access Storer

    One of our all time favourites the Aamina comes in both 9.6L and 4.8L capacities. For example, stackable, this product has a flexible airtight lid, is dishwasher safe and thanks to its clear plastic design it’s easy to identify the contents.

Kitchen storage boxes
  • Polder Advantage 4 Piece Dish Rack System

    It will leave your old dish rack in its dust (or rather, bubbles).

    With its sturdy, generous size is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, it can hold up to ten plates with enough room on the side for bowls and cutting boards. However, one of the most clever things about the Advantage Dish Rack System are the “glass posts” – essentially little metal poles that let you dry cups, mugs and glasses upside-down and free up additional rack space.


Small things can have a big impact on your space; from bathroom accessories to additional in-shower suction storage. Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune to maximise the functionality of a room.

  • The Hush Urban Lines

    These Bathroom Sets provide a neat and stylish storage solutions in the bathroom. For instance, the Hush range of bathroom accessories includes soap dishes and dispensers and other canisters, all of which feature a rippled surface design with a modern feel.

  • The Double Corner Basket

    Each piece in the Everloc Endure Suction range is constructed using premium chrome coated stainless steel. For example, ideal when you just need a little extra storage.


An ordered wardrobe will streamline getting ready and packing clothes. Furthermore, it’ll also help you to preserve the longevity of your garments and shoes.

  • Howards Underbed Roller Box 52 Litre

    Short on storage? Utilise the space under your bed with an Underbed Roller Box with lid.

    For example, perfect for storing shoes, seasonal clothing or accessories, this sturdy box with plastic wheels is easy to access and will maximise space right where you need it!

  • Elegance Shoe Drawers

    Complete with ventilation holes and made from virgin acrylic, Howards shoe drawers will keep your shoes protected and easy to find.

Elegance Shoe box


Collect wine? For instance, ensure it stands the test of time by storing it properly; and if you’re looking for a smaller racking system that you can house your “drink now” bottles, we’ve got you covered too.

  • WineStak Storage Systems

    With WineStak, you can safely store your wine in an easy and accessible location. Furthermore, they are Australian made timber and metal pocket systems that can grow with your collection.


…Then there are those items that can be used right across your home and office. Moreover, it’s the epitome of innovative, practical, quality and flexible storage, these items add versatility to their list of features and benefits too…

  • White Magic i-hooks

    Streamline your home with our range of White Magic i-hook organisers. Firstly, we’ve got i-hooks for your kitchen, your bathroom, even your caravan! The ultimate in flexible and versatile storage these products can be reused time and time again. However, this means if you stick your i-hook, slightly off-centre, you can try again without damaging your walls. Furthermore, heat, water, sun and cold resistant this reusable, washable, non-marking and invisible i-hook storage system is a revolutionary way to organise items right throughout your home or office. View our White Magic video here.

  • Premium LED Mirrors

    Whether you need an LED mirror in your bathroom, your wardrobe or your guest room, we have a huge range of quality LED mirrors available. Furthermore, from swing arm, anti-fog and extendable options to foldable, suction, wall mount and double sided variants, there’s no other place to go if it’s a quality, innovative LED mirror you’re after.

At Howards, we pride ourselves on offering the best products to enhance your home, which is turn can help you feel more content. For instance, of three things we’re absolutely sure: quality, durability and a stellar line up of the finest organisational products. For expert advice, visit your local Howards store and speak with one of our in-store specialists.

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