The heart and sole of perfect shoe storage! 


The Organised Shoes Checklist

If you’re good to your shoes, they’ll be good to you. So the best way to ensure your shoes stay in top condition is to store them well. Shoes don’t like dust. They don’t like cramped conditions either. Here are just some of the great storage ideas at Howards.

Simply follow the shoe storage checklist below – no shoe fetish required!

  • Find and rescue your scattered shoes

    We’ve all done it, we take shoes off and just leave them. Often, they’ll wind up in the hall, under the lounge, by the recycling bin or on the front doorstep. So, first thing’s first, go through your home and gather up your shoes, boots, thongs and sneakers, and take them to the room they should live in.

  • Take stock of your shoe collection

    Now be honest, how many pairs of shoes do you actually wear – and how often do you wear them? Cull your collection and then get the damaged favourites mended and polished. After all, unworn shoes take up valuable space. So make them wearable!

  • Create groups of shoes by type and size

    This is the best and fastest way to organise your collection, whatever the size. Gather your flats, boots, heels, sandals, etc. Count them and write it down. Now you are ready to ask in store about the best storage style for each shoe type.

  • If you have a small collection…

    the Whitmore Expandable Shoe Rack is fantastic. With smart timber sides, it can stand alone or slides easily into the lower part of your wardrobe. Best of all it expands outwards as your collection grows.

  • If you have a medium collection

    and a minimal amount of space to store your shoes, the 21 Pair Shoe Rack in White or Chrome is the space-saving solution. It stores up to 21 pairs using this well-designed rack that attaches easily to the wall or over a door.

  • If you have a large collection, stackable Clear Store Drawers and Cubes

    can help you create the shoe library of your dreams! It’s a shoe storage system unlike any other and one designed to grow as your collection does. They are made from quality acrylic making it easy to see your shoes at a glance.

  • Get easy access to your favourite sneakers and flats

    with the practical 2-Tier Shoe Rack in White or Black. It’s stackable for larger collections and popular in utilities room or the garage. Simple no nonsense storage!

  • Short on Space?

    How about using the space under the your bed with either the Underbed Shoe Rack or the Easi Store 6 Shoe Underbed Box.

  • Need a clever solutions for lots of Heels?

    Can you believe that in a 60cm wide section of wall, you can store up to 72 pairs of shoes with elfa® Gliding Racks!

  • Keep your shoes smelling sweet!

    The Powerful Shoe Deodoriser sachets are easy to use, made from charcoal and simply recharge in the sun!. Simply pop them into your everyday or stored shoes to keep them fresh, dry, and odour-free.

Did you know?
They used to be all the rage in the ‘70s, but platforms were invented to stop feet from getting dirty. They became fashionable in Venice in the 14th Century with some women wearing wooden platforms 30 inches high! Keeping clean was certainly a tall order.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to get your shoes organised! 
You can view so many more of our great shoe storage solutions both in-store and online. However, if you need more inspiration and guidance on reorganising your shoe collection – large or small – simply visit our friendly Howards staff in-store to discuss your needs. We’re happy to help!

Click here to download a PDF of the Checklist