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By Robyn Amott, Professional Organiser

Robyn Amott, a Professional Organiser & Declutter Specialist, owner of Bless this Mess and Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers, shares her top tips on how you can effectively sort & organise for an organised laundry, whilst sharing her fabulous time saving tips which will take the hassle out of getting through those never ending laundry piles.

For what is often one of the smallest rooms in our home, it’s becoming clear that we need this space to function as more than just a laundry room.

The laundry can very quickly become a catch all space, where we hide away those items we cleared from our kitchen benchtops when guests arrive or those bits & pieces that you simply don’t know where else to store.

So how do you go about creating a space that is not only functional but an organised space that’s not overloaded with unnecessary content?

Firstly, to achieve your dream organised laundry, you need to understand the potential of your existing natural storage first.

Get clear on your vision. Understanding what actually has a purpose within the laundry, along with knowing where you should zone each category of item throughout the home, is vital in achieving functionality and long term results.

Once you break it down into purpose and zones you’ll soon discover you have a lot more effective storage than you realised.

What Belongs Here

Declutter content that is no longer age or stage appropriate.  Start by gathering each individual category of item together.

Ask yourself if the laundry is the best or most central place for each category based on where it is utilised or has the most purpose.  I mean, if it’s not actually used in or near the laundry, why house it here.

Sporting goods or bags, larger tools or outdoor use products are often best located in the garage.  Think outdoors!

You can quickly free up space by decluttering cleaning products that you no longer use for an organised laundry.

Relocate necessary items into their respective bathrooms or kitchen OR alternatively establish a limit of content by utilising a cleaning caddy to house all the necessary products and cleaning rags.

Establish Zones

House items within relevant zones based on frequency of use.  Between your head and your hip is the easy access area for frequently used items.

Utilise overhead cabinets or a drawer closest to the washing machine for detergents and stain removers.

Alternatively, if cabinetry is limited a pull out trolley can easily house all your washing and cleaning supplies.

Maximise on Storage Potential

By adjusting the height of shelves to suit that of the items, rather than stacking piles, removes wasted air space and brings items within reach.

In turn you can increase storage potential by adding additional shelving into your existing cabinetry,

creating more effective homes/zones for each category of item.

Here these Howards Mimi Separators group like items and allow you to maximise your shelf depth, whilst giving you easy pull out access.

Set Limits

How many towels, or cleaning rags do you really need?

Set yourself a limit. Then group and sort by category, decluttering as you go to reach your set limit.


Storage Solutions

Go Vertical 

Vertical space is often the most overlooked storage area in any home. Take advantage of the full height of the walls to establish accessible storage, resulting in a superbly organised laundry.

This elfa Utlility Solution in Platinum utilises wall space and is a clever solution for your laundry.

Utilise the space above your sink or a blank wall to dry clothing.

The addition of some simple elfa shelves above your sink creates easy storage. elfa is fully customisable so can be designed to fit any space.

Ruckzuck Airers are a great addition to your laundry

Create additional floor space to facilitate a free standing laundry trolley washing baskets.

Choosing a wall mounted front loading washing machine that stacks ontop of one another or alternatively mount the dryer on the wall above the washing machine.  The later method can also allow for the potential to utilise the top of the washing machine to store your basket or to incorporate a benchtop.


Open Top Baskets

Open Top Baskets are a great way to break up a shelf by creating homes within a home, enabling you to keep like with like items together.  The added advantage is they act as a drawer, so no more lost or forgotten items hiding away in the back of the cupboard.

Group Categories such as:

Shoe Polish/ Rags and Brushes

Swimming aids/goggles/caps

Pet Supplies –  Leads, doggy bags & flea treatments


Laundry Process

Getting through the laundry often feels like a race to the finishing line.

Instead break it down into achievable daily loads.

Rotate bedding or towels one set at a time on separate days of the week.

This will enable you to handle each load from wash basket back to linen cupboard more efficiently.


Avoid those never ending folding baskets of clean laundry by hanging clothing directly onto hangers to dry.

Giving each item a quick shake first can greatly reducing the need for ironing.

Utilise the metal surround of your outdoor clothes line during Summer or Clothes Airer during Winter.

Once dry you can quickly hang them back into the wardrobe, saving you loads of time.

Then it’s simply a matter of folding the underwear, PJ’s or sports gear one load at a time.


Let’s face it doing the laundry is never going to be the most exciting task in the world however a well organised and functional space can make it just a little bit more enjoyable.



Robyn Amott

IOPO Professional Member

Mobile: 0407 757 466
Instagram: @blessthismessorganising

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Article published May 2018. Updated February 2021.

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