The Plastics Cupboard Tamed


Have you ever had a fight with your plastics cupboard? Let’s just say it’s a buildup of sorts. For weeks you unload the dishwasher and throw your containers into your plastics cupboard before quickly closing the door. Day after day the ever-trusty cupboard supports a leaning tower of containers until one day, you open the door and it all comes tumbling to the floor. Frustrated you scoop it all off the floor and throw it all back in until next time…


By taming the plastics cupboard you’ll save time or space, depending on whether you’re a lids on or lids off type of organiser (but we’ll get to that).

First things first, make sure every container you own has a lid. If it doesn’t, get rid of it and while you’re at the bin, throw out anything that’s warped or won’t seal tightly.

Over the years we tend to collect containers from here, there and everywhere.

Next, choose a container system. It will make interchanging lids simple, the base of your containers are able to nest within each other and let’s face it, consistency is a wonderful thing (both visually and practically). We like squared off containers as they are more space efficient like the Howards VacSeal range.

What type of Organiser are you?

It’s decision-making time. Consider whether you’re a ‘lids on’ or ‘lids off’ organiser:

Lids On

Seriously consider choosing one container system. It will make stacking your containers easier and sturdier.

Pros:      Containers become stackable

They are easy to find with their matching lid

Cons:     It will take up more room in your cupboard

Placing lids on each container at the end of the dishwasher cycle will take time.

Lids Off

Consider using a Lid and Packet Tidy. This will screw or stick to the inside of your cupboard door and will house your lids.

Pros:      You will save space by using containers that nest within each other

If you’re using the same container system you can interchange lids

Cons:     If you don’t use a Lid and Packet Tidy, your cupboard/drawer may become untidy quickly.

Both options will require a fortnightly tidy in order to avoid the above mentioned plastics cupboard fight!

Other Clever organisers to control the Cupboard

Lid Tidy

Screw onto or sticks onto the inside of a cupboard door.

Under Shelf Basket

A clever way of claiming back lost “air space” and converting it into good storage. Simply hooks onto the shelf above.

Amalie Pullout Organiser (wide)

Made from plastic with a lip front and wheels at the back, this organiser helps you utilise the full depth of your shelf. No more loosing containers at the back!

Howards have a huge range of containers available online or in-store. Choose a container system and tame your plastics cupboard today!

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