The Rules to Wine Storage!!

Whether you only have a couple of bottles of wine in the house, or you’re a serious wine enthusiast, there are a few hard and fast rules when it comes to wine storage.

  • It’s all about location! Whether your collection is large or small, your wine has the best chance of survival if it’s stored in a dark, cool and relatively undisturbed environment.
  • What temperature is best you ask? It’s suggested that reds should be stored at 10-16 degrees C and whites at 7-10 degrees C, but most importantly, the temperature should remain consistent.
  • Store wine on its side! It’ll keep the cork from drying out and allowing air to enter the bottle, causing oxidation. And what about bottles with synthetic closures? They’re absolutely effective, but they haven’t been tested for long term wine storage so to be safe, keep your wine on its side.
  • Keep vibration and movement to a minimum, as it disturbs the sediment that would normally fall to the bottom of the bottle as it’s formed. Once you’ve placed your bottle in position, try keep it there until you’re ready to drink it.

So, with those hints and the size of your wine collection in mind, let’s go shopping for your perfect wine storage system…

By investigating in a stackable or modular solution, you can expand your wine storage as your collection grows. Howards are cellar organisation experts, ask in-store for advice or if you’re in the market for a complete cellar fit out, simply ask us for a free measure and quote.

Monterey Customised Wine Storage (Mon012 and MON020)

This timber and metal pocket system is fully customisable and allows you to ‘add on’ additional components as your collection grows.

Available in 12, and 20 gift packs but can also be customised to suit.

Cellarstack (CEL151)

Available in black or silver, this modular system can be joined together up to 30 bottles tall! Available in 15, 35 and 55 bottle stacks.

Cellarstack (CEL151)

Available in black or silver, this modular system can be joined together up to 30 bottles tall! Available in 15, 35 and 55 bottle stacks.

Stackable Wine Racks (PYS031/2)

These stylish and sophisticated options are available in 4 and 6 bottle rows and as the name suggests, they are indeed stackable so as your collection of wine grows, so too can your wine storage system!

Not planning on growing your collection? How about something small, simple yet effective like our:

Barrel Wine Rack (ANA961390)

This stylish barrel design wine rack is made from bamboo a sustainable resource, and holds up to 12 bottles, it’s compact and it’s perfect for a small space!

Grapevine Wine Rack (ANA50165)

This sleek, modern and moulded acrylic wine rack holds 6 bottles.

Pyramid Wine Rack (EIC1044)

Perfect for the small collection you want on display, this chrome rack will hold 10 bottles.

What about accessories, you say? Well, our range consists of carefully selected quality items such as the:

David and Waddell Wine Decanter and Stand (ALB3606).

Using a decanter allows for ease of pouring and increased oxygen of the wine to open the aroma and the flavour. This helps the wine to achieve its full taste potential faster.

The draining/drying stand ensures a clean and clear finish by letting the decanter air-dry after hand washing. The protective tip holds the decanter in place without scratching and makes it easy to dry without risk of breakage.

Alternatively, try our Decantus Aero Wine Pourer. It’ll enable you to pour beautifully aerated wine by simply attaching the pourer to your wine bottle! These accessories and more are available online and in-store.

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