The Shoe Library Makeover

This month we teamed up with Fox in Flats blogger and Howard’s Ambassador Andrea. Like many of us who are partial to shoes, Andrea’s collection was stored, (how shall we put this), in whatever wardrobe space she could find really! Her investments had seen better days and she’d wasted countless hours looking for that “have to wear” pair of shoes each and every morning.

Andrea needed a special place that could store all of her shoes in the one spot; in a visible, easy-to-access way that wouldn’t take up much room in her house.

Before we could design a solution for Andrea, we had to stop and take stock of a few things:

Q: Does she require storage for flat shoes and heels?

Q: Is she open to stacking some shoes?

Q: Does she want to display her shoes?

With “yes’” all around we had to determine how many shoes we needed to store. Here’s where we encouraged Andrea to pull out all of her shoes, sort them into groups and prioritise which items needed the most accessible space. Any unused or unwanted pairs were given away.

With 50-something pairs of dearly loved shoes and boots remaining, it was time to solve Andrea’s dilemma with a customised elfa Shoe Library that would neatly fit into an unused corner of her spare room.

Why elfa? Well, this system is incredibly hardwearing and durable. It’s flexible in its design, completely customisable and built to last. What’s more it can be used in any room in your home and has a 10-year guarantee.

STEP 1: The installation started with the top track (in this case, a 60cm top track) and once installed we simply added hanging wall bands and created customised storage with elfa compartments.

STEP 2: We divided the elfa framework into 4 main areas using elfa shelves with white décor trims. On the first shelf (top) we stacked 9 Clear Store Large Shoe Drawers (PAP9000). Made form quality clear acrylic, these drawers provide easy access to you shoes. Designed to fit boots or heels, they’re stackable and have an easy slide out drawer with handle.

STEP 3: On the next shelf down, we placed 4 x Clear Store Shoe Cubes with Top (PAP1012 / 2 x PAP10121). This smart space saving solution is made from quality acrylic. Each cube will store two pairs of shoes, is stackable and designed to grow with your shoe collection.

STEP 4:The next 3 rows were dedicated to 3 x elfa Gliding Shoe Racks (266610). The epitome of organisation, each rack can store 9 pairs of heels/ankle boots. That’s storage for 27 pairs of heels/ankle boots in total!

STEP 5: Under Andrea’s 3 x Gliding Shoe Racks we installed 2 x elfa Slide Out Shoe Shelves (266710). Each shelf can house up to 6 pairs of flats.

STEP 6: A hanging rail, underneath the third elfa shelf houses the pièce de résistance, a Boot Bar. Here 3-4 pairs of tall boots can be hung up, while another 3-4 pairs of ankle boots can sit on the shelf itself. The Boot Bar is easy to access and will help your boots retain their shape.

What’s does Andrea make of her new Shoe Library? She says, “I really think it’s one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen.  Because I can see them all, and put my hands on them easily, I’m now making the most of my entire collection of shoes and I couldn’t be happier. Plus, I’m (finally) making it to school drop-off on time, too.”

If you’re considering the best shoe storage solution for your needs, remember –

Visibility is key: If you can see your shoes, you will wear them.

Accessibility is a must: Rummaging is neither time efficient nor fun!

Protection is essential: Care for your shoes and they will last longer.

Do you have a shoe storage challenge? Bring your photos in-store and let one of our organisational experts help.

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