Seasonal Wardrobe Revamp

By Professional Organiser  and Declutter Specialist Robyn Amott

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams – yet you still can’t find a thing to wear? Rather than wrestling with a lion every morning, try taming your wardrobe into a seasonal one and start off your day in a positive way with a wardrobe revamp.

However, there is nothing more time consuming or frustrating than ruffling through the contents of your wardrobe every morning, trying to find that summer dress amongst all those big bulky winter jackets. Not to mention the amount of additional money and space we can easily consume by purchasing duplicate items we already have, simply because we can’t find them.

Therefore, this is why creating a Seasonal wardrobe simply makes sense.

Lastly, switching out your garments each season helps you save on valuable wardrobe real-estate and makes that morning selection process a lot more time efficient.

The Design Layout

Firstly, not all wardrobes are designed the same just as not everyone’s wardrobe content is the same.

Rather than fighting the physical limitations or restrictions your wardrobe presents, work with what you have in a creative way that allows the space to work for you and your clothes.

Furthermore, define or visualise the space and it’s potential. However, consider purpose and functionality needs, category by category and zone by zone in order to best utilise and maximise on the storage potential.

Maximise on your hanging potential

I’m always asking my clients.  “When out shopping which items are you more attracted to – hanging items or those folded on a table?”

Let your answer guide how you transform your space.

If space is at a premium you can incorporate a Double Hang Rail. This will give you two tiers of hanging space..  You’ll need to measure the height of your existing hang rod first.

Alternatively, remove shelves and incorporate an additional hanging rod.

Hanging your Clothes

Hanging as much content as possible also aids in a more productive laundry system. Firstly, allowing you to take items straight from the washing machine to dry on a clothes hanger, then straight back to the wardrobe – also reducing the need to iron. Great time saver.  Therefore, choose unified hangers for a streamlined look, great for knits also.

Shelving or Drawers

Firstly, if you prefer shelving for folded items, remove any wasted air space between garments and the next shelf, this is valuable storage space. Therefore, adjust the height of your existing shelving or purchase additional shelves allowing you to group items.

High stacks frequently topple over and make it hard to access items at the bottom.

Folded items are great in drawers, or baskets on a shelf another easy option for grouping folded items and giving you easy access.

Drawer Divisions are a great way to separate categories.

Working through the Content

  • Rather than pulling everything out, firstly identify any immediate OUTS. Items you haven’t worn during the current season or simply have no idea why you still own them.

  • Avoid keeping items still with tags, expensive or gifted to you; if you don’t wear them they need to go.

  • Gather like items together based on category, from the wardrobe, chests of draws and clean washing this way you’ll also establish a visual understanding of how much of the same category of items you own.

  • Declutter items that are faded, no longer fit, unnecessary multiples or that just aren’t your style/ you don’t feel good in.

Establish Zones/Homes for each category of Item

Firstly, rather than having everything all mixed in together, sort /organise like with like items together.

For example, pants with pants, work outfits together vs casual items vs special occasion items, you can even colour block if that’s your thing.

Therefore, the important concept is that the space becomes visually appealing and makes for a simpler selection process each morning.

Create A “Shoedrobe”

Firstly, this makes accessing and putting away your shoes simple and easy whilst also protecting them from dust and insects. These are also great for storing handbags and fascinators.

For example, my top pick are these clear plastic boxes with a flip front lid or a simple extendable shoe rack tower. Simply arrange with the current season shoes.

Go Vertical

Firstly, free up valuable wardrobe hanging space by utilising the back of a door or the inside of your wardrobe / bedroom or bathroom. There areas are perfect for bathrobes or once worn items- rather than the floor or chair. Scarves, jewellery, belts or other accessories.

The Reverse Hanger Trick

Firstly, try reversing your hangers at the beginning of each season.

For example, once you wash an item put it back in the wardrobe with the hanger the right way around.  You’ll easily identify the clothing pieces you haven’t worn at the end of each season.

Storing Out of Season Clothing & Shoes

Firstly, if you travel frequently throughout the year, it might be more beneficial to utilise the wardrobe in the study or spare room.  Therefore, allowing you to easily access items when packing your suitcase whilst also making it simpler to switch out your main wardrobe in accordance with the current season.

When working within your existing space – Consider frequency of use or need.

The zone between our head and waist are what we call ‘prime real-estate’.

This is where frequently used items should be housed.

Out of Season or rarely used items can be stored in higher zones.

Store out of season shoes and clothing in clear, labelled tubs that work with the depth and height of your space, rather than the width. Be sure to group like items together in each tub.

Personally, because I hang all my clothes, I store all my out of season clothing file folded in my chest of drawers.

Moreover,  it’s about working within the boundaries / limits that each of the homes or zones represent, whilst only having the current season available to you.

Robyn Amott, a Professional Organiser & Declutter Specialist, owner of Bless this Mess and Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers, shares her top tips on how you can effectively sort & organise your laundry room, whilst sharing her fabulous time saving tips which will take the hassle out of getting through those never ending laundry piles.

Robyn Amott

IOPO Professional Member

Mobile: 0407 757 466
Instagram: @blessthismessorganising




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