Top 3 Budget Fixes for Your Home

So often people associate “getting organised” with spending copious amounts of money. Likewise, we’re here to say that needn’t be the case! It might even be easier to spend less on budget fixes.

Small changes can have a BIG impact on the way you use your space. Here at Howards we can help you to create order, one small project at a time.

Our Top 3 Budget Fixes

1. The Junk Drawer

Rest assured, everyone has one.

You know, the kitchen catchall found around the second or third drawer that is full or overflowing with bits and pieces that have no real home.



Tackling this mess is surprisingly easy and is guaranteed to save you time in the long run.

For instance, whatever system you choose to use, remember it needs to be easy to store and retrieve your items; it’s no use storing something unless you know where to find it again.

Here are three easy steps to tidying up your junk drawer:

1. Empty It Out for Budget Fixes

Pull everything out of the drawer and get rid of:

  • items you didn’t realise were there in the first instance and therefore won’t miss when they’re gone
  • rubbish: old coupons, mystery keys, dried out pens; clutter.

2. Group The Remaining Items

  • Whatever is left over, whether it’s business cards, batteries, sewing items, tweezers, rubber bands and other such things; ensure ‘like’ items are corralled together.
  • For the most part, you might find you can actually relocate certain ‘keep’ items from this drawer to a more permanent home such as tweezers – re-position these to the medical box; business cards – bind these and pop them in your office.
  • Once complete, have a close look at what’s left over as well as the size of your drawer.

3. Organise Efficiently

  • Choose from one of our quality drawer organisersto keep the contents of your drawer simple to see and easy to access.
  • You may find from time to time there is a build up of ‘bits’ that make their way to this drawer. Consider designating one spot within your organiser for items that need a more ‘permanent’ home and cleanse this each fortnight or so.

Top Junk Drawer Organisers:

The Linus Junk Drawer Organiser is made from quality clear acrylic, has four separate compartments, has rubber feet to prevent movement/slipping in your drawer; and it’s easy to clean. In addition, the beauty of this organiser is we have a wide range of other modular Linus Organisers in multiple shapes and sizes to make mixing and matching easier. Finally, it’s perfect for budget fixes and it’s great quality and doesn’t break the bank.

Linus Junk drawer organiser

Madesmart’s Junk Drawer Organiser is made from quality plastic and features two large sections with clever compartments that will keep your junk drawer spick and span. Moreover, the bottom layer is divided into various sections ideal to separate larger items. For example, the top section creates storage space for pens, paperclips, or small items.

The incredibly handy iDesign Range can be used individually or can be coupled with Howards wide range of interlocking Interdesign Drawer Organisers, all sold separately. When connected together these organisers will enable you to create customised storage for the inner workings of your drawers.

Made from durable plastic, the tops of these modular drawer organisers hook together for a secure fit. This is versatile and custom storage at its best, and is great for budget fixes.

Interlocking Draw organiser

2. The Utility Cupboard

What’s in your utility cupboard?

It could be filled with a combination of bathroom supplies, extra wine, medical essentials, sewing items, linen, board games; you name it! If these items aren’t stored properly, it can result in a jumbled mess, wasted money and a double up of purchases. Much like the junk drawer project, the first two stages of the Utility Cupboard Makeover are “Pull Everything Out” “Cull/Group Remaining Items” – respectively.

The addition to this project is ‘creating zones’.

To make sure this cupboard is easy for the whole family to use, position high use items such as light bulbs, extra bathroom supplies and candles in an easy access space. For instance, keep items that don’t require frequent access on the top shelf and reserve a place on the higher shelves (out of reach of children) for medicines and first aid supplies; heavy bulk items like wine, beer and board games can be stored on the bottom of your cupboard.

So what budget fixes savvy solutions can we offer this important storage cupboard?

Perfect for grouping smaller items, the handy Aamina Storer is stackable, has a flexible airtight lid, has a handle that ensures you easy access. Moreover, it’s capacity calibrated and thanks to it’s clear plastic design, it’s simple to identify its contents.

Our range of Howard’s Easi-Store Tubs is second to none. Available in a number of capacities and made from high-grade plastic, Easi Store is durable, food safe, great for long-term storage, stackable and each tub contains a locking lid and wheels so you can store anything, anywhere. BPA Free. Food safe.

Turn your shelf into a drawer!

Utilise your cupboard space and create easy access to your items by installing the Elfa Easy Glider System. For instance, this is essentially a runner to enable you to add an elfa basket of your choice to create a sliding drawer. Baskets are sold separately. For example, easy to turn the cluttered cupboard in an organised one on your budget fixes.

3. Under the Kitchen Sink

Organising the area under your kitchen sink. It sounds tedious doesn’t it?

It’s actually a really quick fix with the right organisers. Furthermore, it won’t cost you much to fix. Before you start, pull everything out of the under sink space, give the area a good clean and throw out (or relocate) anything you really don’t need to store here.

What about a place to keep wet scrubbing brushes, kitchen soap and a sponge?

Moreover, the madesmart Under Sink Drip Tray is made from durable silicone will sit under your sink and is complete with ribbing detail, which enables air to flow and kitchen cleaning accessories to dry (better yet, it’s also dishwasher safe when needed).

These are just a handful of solutions and products that will help you to overhaul these areas of the home.

For more information on other helpful products head to our Online Store or visit your local store. Make sure you take in photos of your space and write down the dimensions of your space so you can ask one of our in-store organisation experts for more great (budget!) ideas.

These three small projects really will have a significant impact on the functionality of your space.

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