Top 5 Laundry Essentials

Staying on top of the laundry in a busy household is no easy feat. Between battling tough stains on clothing, missing socks and overflowing laundry baskets, we’ve got our work cut out for us (and that’s just one household chore!). So in an effort to make life easier on the laundry front, we’ve come up with our Top 5 can’t-do-without laundry essentials:

1. A Divided Laundry Hamper

Sort clothes at the source. With a divided laundry hamper each family member can sort their own clothing into lights, darks and delicates. This will free you from one whole stage in the washing lifecycle. Pre-sorting? Check!

2. A Quality Airer

Invest in a quality airer to save money on your energy bills, to give Mother Nature a much-needed break and to extend the life of your clothes! Howard’s is an airer specialist. We have a huge range of quality airers available in-store and online.

3. A Distribution Basket for each person

Possibly one of the least fun parts of the washing process is the “putting away” of clean clothes. Allocate a distribution basket to every family member and have each person put his or her own clothes away! If your children are too young to do this, you’ll find that having a distribution basket for each person will still streamline the process and save you valuable time.

4. An Ultra Hip-hold Laundry Basket (in fact, 2)

It’s time to throw way the old laundry basket and make your job easier with two quality heavy-duty baskets, designed to hug your hip. While one is used to transport wet clothes from your laundry to your line, the other can be used to transport dry washing from the line to your folding station.

5. A quality laundry framework

The Swedish designed elfa shelving system cleverly attaches to the wall with a top track, to which you can attach shelves, drawers and a range of specialty laundry attachments to make the most of your space. Alternatively the easy-build shelving system is a freestanding component system of shelves, poles and accessories. If you bring your measurements into store (plus a few photos), we’ll help you design a clever system to maximise your use of space and workflow.