Transform your Linen Cupboard in a few simple steps

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The Organised Linen Cupboard Checklist

Let’s face it. Putting the linen away isn’t a glamorous job. And if you have to deal with a cramped, disorganised linen cupboard, this boring chore can also be an ugly one. But the reality is it doesn’t take much to transform your cupboard into a symmetrical, easily accessible domestic work of art. No, really! So whether you have a large or small linen cupboard, organised inspiration awaits…

Follow our organised Linen Cupboard checklist below for an end to cupboard chaos.

  • Remove all linen, sort into groups

    and prioritise which groups need highest access. Consider putting complete sheet sets neatly folded into their pillow case. This is a clever way of reducing time finding matching sets on bed change day.

  • Organise your linens by type

    Have a section for bed, bath and table and save space by folding them neatly. Sections make the system easy to maintain and saves time finding items as well as putting them away.

  • Convert shelves into drawers

    with elfa® Easy Gliders® and wire elfa baskets. They are a brilliant storage solution to kept maximize the utility of your space. Gliders can either be fixed to shelf with screws provided, or you can use double sided tape for a less permanent solution.

  • Create extra shelf space

    with a Vinea Large Stackable Shelf. They are a clever idea if you have fixed shelves that are very wide apart. There are also matching storage baskets you can use for other items. A good looking solution!

  • Label

    each pull-out drawer for at-a-glance order.  Then the whole family can follow your system and it won’t fall into disarray after 10 minutes.

  • Archive

    out of season quilts and blankets in a Compressible Storage trunk or Space Bag tote to reduce space needed to the third. They also protect your precious investments from dust, bugs and moisture.

  • Protect

    your linen from excess moisture with DampRid or a Cli-Mate Egg Dehumidifier. There are many different sizes and types in Howards large range.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to get your linen cupboard organised!

You can view so many more of our fantastic linen storage solutions both in-store and online. However, if you need more inspiration and guidance on reorganising your space, simply visit our friendly Howards staff in-store to discuss your needs. We’re happy to help!

Click here to download the checklist