Garage Organising Overhaul

With spring well and truly here why not tackle the garage and get it back into shape. It’s easy enough – all you need to do is follow these simple steps for success.

  • Start by formulating a plan

    Take a look at what needs to be organised and then separate everything into groups of similar items; for example, power tools, hand tools, sporting equipment and so on. You’ll now have a better idea of what you need to store.

  • Think about what gets used the most

    There is not much point storing everything out of sight. In fact, the more visible, the better.

  • You are now ready to start organising

    If you’ve decided that Dad spends most of his time working with his power tools, for example, then these will need to be immediately at hand, easy to spot, easy to access and most importantly, easy to put away.

  • Two things need to be considered before you begin

    where to store and how to store. Before you pack everything away, think about where you need these items to be. There’s no point putting them behind the door if they are needed near the bench.

  • Now that you know where everything is going to be stored

    take a look at the space and decide what sort of storage solution is going to work best. Be sure to consider all sizes of items; anything small, like nails and screws, can be organised with boxes and drawers, while big items like golf clubs will require a different approach.

  • Think upwards – and when we say this, we mean towards to roof

    The garage is a place where all kinds of items are stored, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to take up an entire bench or a large amount of floor space.

  • Think big, too

    Big bins for tossing in surf gear, big labels for getting the right tool in the right box the first time, and big hooks to hold up those heavier items.

If you’re stuck for a solution that would work for you and your garage space take photos of what needs to be organised, measure the space and head into a Howards store for help.