Uni Essentials Checklist

Whether you’re living on a university campus or in shared accommodation, when you move out for the first time there are a few key items you’ll need to stock up on to keep you self-contained and organised – all on a budget.  As Howards are the experts when it comes to being organised, here are some of our favourites. We’ve included a handy guide at the end with other essentials you’ll need as well.

Three Top Reasons for Getting Organised


    You are likely to have a cupboard with a single hanging rail and possibly a shelf which is very basic and inefficient. These temporary organisers help you to optimize the space you have and can then be easily taken with you when you move on.

    Howards Picks!

    1. Double your hanging space with a Double Hang Timber Rod $24.95.

    2. For clothes, quality flocked hangers don’t leave marks on the shoulders and clothes don’t slip off them. The 20 pack of Flocked Hangers $35.95 is great value.

    3. Put a LAD 4 Drawer Set for $127.75 under your long hanging for folded clothes.

    4. For shoes, the 2 Shelf Stackable Shoe Rack for $44.95 is heavy duty and houses 9 pairs.

    HINT! Check online at hsw.com.au or instore for a full range of hanging organisers.

    Howards Pick!  Create a mini kitchen in your room with elfa.  Strong enough to hold a small bar fridge, you can keep essentials like bread, butter and milk in your room. Add in simple crockery, a kettle and toaster, you can happily make breakfast in your room.

    Marie Fridge Baskets from $4.95 are the BEST organisers as they are inexpensive, you can group like items together and best of all they are easy to add a label to with your name on it. They come in two sizes and we recommend that you have at least three of these.

    For Your laundry

    Lesson #1 – when you move out, you’re in charge of your own laundry! Keeping your laundry under control is easy with a simple system. A sturdy laundry hamper with handles is what to look for.

    Howards Pick!

    This Large Laundry Hamper $29.95 has a heavyweight polyester lining, a drawstring closure (to prevent clothes from toppling out!) and easy carry handles for transporting clothes.

    For Your Bathroom

    Unless you’re blessed with an ensuite, you’re more likely to be sharing a bathroom. To save on space and time, group your toiletries together to make them easy to transport.

    Howards Pick!

    We love the POLDER Style Station for $31.95 as it keeps everything together and is super sturdy. It’s also designed with a hook to hang over a towel rail – clever!  With space for a hairdryer, straightener and your brushes, this is one of our most popular caddies.


    Under the bed can provide you with an abundance of storage if you use it wisely. These clever hideaways are a must.

    Howards Pick! Access the deep space under your bed with the Under bed Roller Box 52L $49.95. It’s perfect for storing shoes, seasonal clothing or books, made from quality plastic with wheels and is easy to pull out with a front handle and hinged lid.

    Another top idea are the Odeda Drawers $29.95 made from quality plastic They can also be stacked in a spare corner of the room to add loads of extra storage.


    For storing towels, bags, coats, scarves and umbrellas, there’s no better place than behind the door. This is a serious storage space that needs a quality organiser that will withstand heavy duty.

    Howards Pick!   We love the Axis Over the Door Hook $34.95 as it has 10 strong chrome hooks and fits well with many door styles.

    Howards is an over the door hook specialist so make sure you look at the full range online or in-store. www.hsw.com.au

    Another clever idea if you have more than 1 door, is the Over the Door Ironing Board $59.95. It folds neatly away and takes up very little space. Much nicer than using the communal laundry!

    Other Basics You’ll Need


    • Bowls, Plates, Glasses and Mugs

    • Utensils (plus a utensil drawer caddy)

    • Dish drying rack

    • Pots, pans & baking dishes

    • Cooking utensils

    • Knife set

    • Cutting board

    • Colander


    • Towels

    • Bathmat

    • Toiletries

    • Toilet Paper

    • Cleaning product


    • Space efficient Hangers

    • Mobile Drawer Set

    • Shoe Rack


    • Washing Powder

    • Stain Remover

    • Fabric Softener

      List Content goes here

    • Airer

    • Pegs/Caddy

    Need help?
    Bring your room plan with measurements and photos if you can, to your local store. They are ready to help! View more items at hsw.com.au.

    Click here to download the Uni essentials Checklist in PDF

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    Checklist accurate as at December 2013.
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