What Makes a Great Kids Lunchbox?


We all want the absolute best for our kids and that starts with their health. While packing their lunchbox each and everyday may not be the most exciting job, it is, nonetheless, a very important one. But it doesn’t just end with the “right” sorts of foods, their health and well-being depends how you can keep their lunch food safe from the time they leave home in the morning until the bell rings at lunchtime.

What should you look for in a great kids lunchbox?

  • It should be insulated to keep it hot or cold

  • Does your Lunchbox/bag include a freezer pack?

  • Needs to be easy to carry (especially for young children)

  • Best to be lightweight – kids have enough to carry

  • Is it easy to open?

  • It is better if its machine washable or dishwasher safe

  • Is it stain resistant?

  • Can it be drip dried?

  • Is it BPA Free?

These are a few of our favourite lunch solutions for kids and we have explained why:

Go Gourmet

–          Made from neoprene

–          Stain resistant

–          Drip dry

–          Machine washable

–          Will stretch to fit lunchbox/drink bottle/freezer pack

Energy Sandwich Container

–          Easy for kids to open

–          Fits a sandwich (save on plastic wrap)

–          Comes with freezer pack

–           BPA free

Sandwich Wrap

–          Easy to open

–          Reusable

–          Machine washable

–          Lightweight

–          Fits a sandwich (save on plastic wrap)

Cool Gear Range

–          Insulated lunch bags

–          Easy to clean EVA lining

–          Zip top closure on main interior compartment

–          BPA free

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Range

–          Includes insulated lunch bag

–          Easy to carry

–          Easy to clean

–          BPA free

–          Nice to also have a snack box to match the lunch box and drink bottle

Fridge to Go

–          Easy to clean

–          Fully collapsible

–          Stays cool for up to 8 hours

–          Include removable ice block

–          Easy to carry

–          Comes in a variety of sizes and colours

Contigo Striker Auto Spout Kids Range

–          Auto spout button operates a “flip up drink spout”

–          One touch

–          Ergonomic grip

–          Colourful kids designs


We asked two junior Howards Road testers what lunchbox they liked best and why:

Jude, Kindergarten

Jude, Kindergarten

“I like the Ninja Turtle ones. Michelangelo is my favourite Ninja Turtle because he rides a skateboard and these have Michelangelo on them.”

Lizzy, 4th Class

Lizzy, 4th Class

“I like the Fridge to Go insulated bags. I’ve got one of these. If I don’t eat all my lunch when I’m at school, my leftovers are still cold when I open my lunch bag on the way home.”

Hot Tips to Make Mornings Easier

  1. Try getting your kids involved in packing their own lunchbox each day. It will empower independence plus you’ll be certain they’re packing food they’ll eat.
  2. Rearrange your pantry so that kids can easily reach items to be packed.
  3. Make the weeks sandwiches or rolls on a Sunday and FREEZE. Simply remember to not include high water content salad ingredients like lettuce as they don’t freeze well. Make sure they are labelled with contents and date.


Like to know more?

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