What’s In The Box?

Lets face it every home manages to collect “stuff”. Whether it’s kids artwork, out of season clothing, craft supplies, cables, games, candlesticks; you name it, we all have some of it. Where household organisation reigns supreme, a box (or two) is never too far from sight and we put that down to five small yet very important factors:

  • Grouping

    When you keep items together in a labeled storer its easy to take stock of what you have and save time by reducing the need to rummage.

  • Uniformity

    When you incorporate repetition with a series of boxes or totes you will create consistency, resulting in an organised, neat and tidy space.

  • Accessibility

    We often need access to items in a hurry. Our easy-to-reach storers will ensure you’re not rummaging through cupboards looking for items.

  • Maximise Efficiency

    A series of boxes will reduce wasted air space between shelves and effectively store odd-shaped items such as candle-holders and cables.

  • Charm and Character

    Our range of wicker/reed baskets as well as our retro inspired tinware ticks both the functional and decorative boxes (no pun intended!).

From totes to tins through to caddies, our large range of multipurpose boxes can be used right throughout your home. These are just a few of our favourites:

  • Ideal in the office, living room, kids bedrooms, entryway or kitchen
  • This perfect little hideaway will sit neatly on a shelf and look great when flanked by other totes
  • Assorted colours, patterns and sizes available.

  • Great in the utility cupboard, garage or laundry
  • Complete with wheels for easy access this is the perfect spot for games, cables and other heavy items
  • A range of sizes available

  • Use in the pantry, utility cupboard, bathroom or office
  • Great for keeping odd shaped items such as candles and light bulbs easily accessible
  • Complete with easy reach handles
  • Use in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry
  • With a durable enamel coating, these medical boxes are ideal for storing your first aid items.
  • Complete with easy reach handles
  • Keep the bottom of your pantry organised and your extra supplies easy to reach
  • Available in two sizes
  • Both sizes have integrated handles
  • Perfect for storing kids toys, art supplies or garage items such as car wash essentials
  • Stackable and made from quality transparent plastic to easy visibility
  • Encourage the kids to play and pack away!
  • Available in multiple sizes and colours
  • Great for storing special kids keepsakes.
  • Add charm to your laundry with this retro set
  • Includes drainage holes in the base, a scoop as well as easy carry handles
  • Perfect for the pantry, bathroom cupboard or the office
  • Will maximise the depth of your shelf
  • Easy to clean and complete with side handles and ventilation holes

  • Utilise the space under your bed!
  • Perfect for storing out of season clothes, extra linen and shoes
  • Complete with wheels, this easy to access box will maximise space where you need it

  • Great for the garage, office or the back of your car
  • Stash the kid’s sports gear and hide away the car washing supplies
  • These boxes are stackable so you can make the most of vertical wall space where you decide to use them

  • Use in the office or in your wardrobe.
  • Complete with integrated handles, this stackable box will fold down when not in use

  • Use in your office, garage or wardrobe
  • Designed with a white frame and transparent drawers for visibility
  • Stackable and available in two sizes

  • Made from high quality plastic, easi-store on wheels can be used just about anywhere!
  • Available in a number of sizes these boxes are great in the garage, bedroom cupboard, office or laundry for storing odd shaped items

  • Perfect for storing odds and ends in the office, car, kitchen and utility cupboard
  • Made from quality transparent plastic for easy visibility