When it rains for a week

By Professional Organiser Leanne Baker

Do you have a never-ending folding pile and struggle to keep up with laundry on a rainy day? Would you like a more simplified and streamlined laundry system? We did too!

Our laundry system has been the biggest time saver in our home. Previous to implementing our laundry routine I despised doing laundry, I hated ironing and I felt constantly behind. The biggest issue for me was folding our washing and putting it away, especially on a rainy day.

Here’s a step by step guide of what we did to implement our laundry routine and some hints and tricks I have learnt along the way to tackle washing on a rainy day.

Steps to follow

  • Firstly convert as much as possible in your house to hanging. Have the capability in your cupboards to hang as many clothing items as possible – shorts, pants, shirts etc.

  • Next head to Howards Storage World to purchase some affordable essentials. I bought a clothes rack, wooden shirt and pant hangers and a peg airer.

  • I put my washing machine on with the intention of hanging the clothes out soon after the cycle is finished. This reduces the possibility of creases in clothing.

  • I take the washing out of the washing machine, flick it out (again reduce the possibility of creases) and hang it on the hangers.

  • I pop the hanger onto our clothes rack and then leave it to dry in our garage (that has windows and ventilation).

  • When the washing is dry or I am ready to put the clothes away it is a very easy process of just grabbing the hangers and putting them straight into the cupboards.

Some Hints and Tips

  • Create a routine for doing laundry – decide when laundry will work best in your home. Find time for 10 minutes of laundry, twice a day. If you can create a habit you will do things automatically and it will become less effort.

  • If possible, delegate to other members of your family – including kids! They might be able to collect the washing off the rack and put it away.

  • Ensure you’re not creating extra washing accidentally – teach the children to hang towels back up, put pyjamas out to wear the next day and hang jumpers back up.

  • If you sort washing by colour, think about investing in a divided hamper.

  • Work towards having two sets of bedding for each bed. We hang all bed linen outside on our clothesline, using the dryer on a rainy day. Having two sets of bedding means I can remake the bed while the other set is being washed and dried.

  • Make it easy to identify the underwear and socks that belong to each child in your family. Perhaps one child likes boy-leg underwear and the other likes briefs, or you might buy different brands of underwear (one child wears Bonds and another wears Rio underwear). With socks one child might have green socks and the other blue socks. This way when you are putting the laundry away it is even easier to quickly and accurately put it in the correct persons cupboard.

  • There are some things that we do not hang on hangers – this includes pyjamas, gym clothes, towels and sheets. These are hung on our traditional clothes line, we just take them straight off the line, fold them and put away.

  • If you don’t have the space to use the clothes rack inside your home and it’s not raining, you may like to try the Hang Tight Clothesline Clips. These little gems clip onto your washing line and allow you to hang the clothes hanger through the bottom hole, stopping them from moving around or flying off the clothesline.

Clothesline Clips are great for hanging clothes on the line

What I love most about this system is that if I do not have time to put the clothing away that day it doesn’t get creased from sitting in the washing basket. This means we barely do any ironing. In fact I would say our ironing has reduced by 90%. Life-changing in our home!

I would love to hear how the system works for you!


Leanne Baker, owner of Organising the Four of Us in QLD.

Leanne loves a simplified life and making memories with her family. She has been happily married for the past 10 years and have two darling boys aged eight and five.

Over the past six years she has shared her hints and tips all with the hope of helping other busy mums. There is definitely more to life than housework and her top priorities are her family and investing in meaningful relationships.


Leanne is a Professional Member of the IOPO (Institute of Professional Organisers)

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